Christina Chavez

I’m Mama and I’m high strung… sounds like an AA meeting. I guess I’ve always been a little neurotic, but it got worse when the same six people kept showing up every evening, expecting to get fed.

I’m pretty organized, but even that hasn’t saved me from the craziness of the Daily Dinner Dilemma. I don’t like ordering take out because it is so expensive… and I can usually do it better with a lot less sodium… and so can you. That’s what this site is all about: helping you get some delicious meals on the table in less than 30 minutes (hopefully), as well as making some other pretty good recipes. If you mess up like we all do, I might have some fixes or just some advice to help you avoid the same issues next time.

And, like a lot of mamas, I have a lot of opinions, which I share in The Kitchen Think. I’ve also thrown in some articles I’ve written, mostly about things with a Latino beat.

Sugar Bomb Alert: Easter Egg Cakes!

Okay gals and guys, I’m not going to sugarcoat this… wait, I AM going to sugarcoat this… here’s your super-duper-sweet Easter treat: Easter Egg Cakes!...more

I Food Poisoned Myself!

I food poisoned myself... and the same thing could happen to you.I didn’t wash my vegetables carefully enough and that made me stay-in-bed sick for two days. Self-inflicted food poisoning.How many times have you bought fresh veggies, given them a quick swish and rinse and then added them to whatever you were cooking? Didn’t think twice about it, did you?...more
They actually have a cleaning solution for vegetables and fruits and it is sold at WholeFoods. ...more

Make It This Weekend: Seafood Cioppino

This is what everyone wants you to make this weekend: a deliciously rich Seafood Cioppino....more

Top Ten Tips for Buying Perfect Asparagus

Spring is here and so are the asparagus!  Here's a guide to the Top Ten Tips for Buying Green Asparagus... and a delicious recipe for Asparagus with Lemony Breadcrumbs. ...more
This recipe sounds really good!  I love asparagus and I usually roast them in the oven with ...more

Elegant Lobster Deviled Eggs: A Tutorial

When I was growing up, I believed the epitome of being "fancy" was lobster. I lived in West Texas, so any type of shellfish was only for special occasions....more

The Dangerous Additives In Our Food

You read food labels, I’m sure, and as a general rule you know to avoid sodium nitrites, artificial sweeteners and artificial food dyes. But food companies are still putting dangerous additives in the products they sell you... and you need to be better informed....more
This is why our bodies our so toxic, we are consuming these poisons, on a daily basis. It is all ...more

Your Tablet's New BFF in the Kitchen

If your tablet or smart device has become your sous chef in the kitchen, here’s the perfect way to keep it off the counter and easy to use: Upper Desk’s Portable Cabinet Mount....more

The Smart Kitchen Is Really and Truly Here

George Jetson’s “smart” kitchen is finally here.You remember George, don’t you? The Saturday morning cartoon character whose housekeeper, Rosie, would put a brick into the oven and, seconds later, a fully cooked roast would pop out? It’s not quite that easy yet, but there are a few devices out there that prove that a Jetson’s-like smart kitchen isn't that far away....more

Simple Irish Soda Bread