In response to the...more

Birthday on the Brooklyn Bridge

Until recently, it hadn’t occurred to me to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but once I heard about it, I immediately placed it on my bucket list. That same day, my husband asked me how I would like to celebrate my birthday. Thus, a day in Brooklyn was born ....more

Attack of the killer squirrel

A final basement sunflower update? It doesn’t look like the last of my basement sunflower buds is going to make it to a full sixth flower. The plant, which was the largest and strongest, did well with the transfer outdoors at first and was still looking good about a week later ....more

The Angel of Grafton Street

On Grafton Street in white and gold, with regal wings and upturned palms, a painted statue is ignored by most. Two lads approach, coins in hand, not really seeing her. She comes to life and startles both, yet cheers their weary souls ....more

They did it: My basement sunflowers lived until spring

Planted at the wrong time, they broke through soil anyway, kept alive by a buzzing light. The long winter persisted, but they grew stronger, and laughed bright yellow blooms. In spring, they breathed fresh air in a world that now made sense ....more

Three Finales that Worked

The recent finale of How I Met Your Mother brought another round of Internet rage, but as a loyal viewer I thought the ending was right, as I did with both Dexter and Breaking Bad, two other shows with finales that met the wrath of the masses. Spoiler alert! How I Met Your Mother ...more

Sleeping in the Sahara

In the Sahara, collapsed on a carpet, air so dry my eyeballs ache, colors transform, beige to orange to black. Nearby, unseen, a camel’s never-ending chewing keeps me company. I drift, under a purer black than I’ve ever known and never-ending stars ....more

Holding my book in my hands

One of my favorite scenes in the old Steve Martin comedy The Jerk is when Navin R. Johnson eagerly searches through the telephone book and finds his name in print. He points at the page in ecstasy and declares, “I’m somebody now!” (Video link) The irony is that a maniacal sniper also searches the telephone book and randomly picks out the same name to choose his next victim ....more

Beyond 101 Things: 12th quarterly report

12th Quarterly Report: January – March, 2014 I had worried that I would have nothing to write about once I finished my list of 101 things in 1001 days. In this first quarterly report after finishing, that seems to have happened. And I’m okay with that ....more

Unpacking my new worms

While I’ll admit this is a fairly dull video of me unpacking my new worms, I did get a kick out of documenting my exuberant revulsion and my singsong, “Oooo, they’re alive.” (Video link) I set up my new worms in my basement about a month ago with the goal of composting my kitchen scraps. There was a learning curve to getting the hang of feeding them. I gave them way too much food at first, and I endured a smelly week or two, but I read up on getting the carbon vs ....more