Virginia Tech University shooting

Virginia Tech University shooting happened again. Why? We all know there is no simple answer to why this terrible attack took place again at the Virginia tech.But for starters could it be as simple as changing the gun laws or addressing the educational system? I know I don't have the answers but I'm curious to see what society wants to learn from this tragic day and focus on the cause, it might just stop it from happening

Plan B Over-The-Counter Initiative Nixed

I thought this was about a women's choice.......... I guess

The Perfect Stocking Filler!

Pick up a copy of The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People by David Niven, Ph.DI found it easy to read, practical and enlightening. I loved the layout of the content, especially his research/conclusion at the bottom of each subject/

It’s Monday, Everybody Works On Monday, Wouldn’t That Be Nice

Good News! The unemployment figure dropped to 8.6% in November, that’s the lowest since March of 2009.  However, nationwide, 6.7 million Americans have been out of work for at least half a year, that is the highest number recorded since the U.S. Labor Department began tracking the data in 1948....more

It Pays To Pace Yourself At The Office Party

Many moons ago, on a company trip to the Cambridge Regatta, I drank way too much champagne, so did everyone else in the sales department. We all showed up for work on the following Monday, feeling embarrassed and we made a commitment to never get drunk at an office party again. No repercussions that I can remember, but time is a great healer....more

The Last of Citizen Cain, I Hope

Today, Herman Cain suspended his campaign……. I heard that by suspending his campaign he is still entitled to raise and accept funds for his campaign… Unreal. Right now my confidence is low, not in the "government" but about the structure that allows this man to utilize this stage to showcase his agenda. Where is the green party when you need them? (Government waste)I hope the media stops giving this guy air time and everyone directs their funds to social justice issues like sexual abuse...more

Feel Like Celebrating

Today is my birthday. I’ve had an issue with facing into the Dec 2 date since I turned thirty. It was the year my mother died. But this particular birthday was different, I have no explanation why, but I have been looking forward to turning 51 for days.Can it be true that you get wiser as you get older……….I’m a slow learner.I noticed instead of judging what I have not achieved, setting my birthday up as a mixture of accomplished and unachieved goals and deadlines. I have a new sense of being with what is and celebrating that within me....more

Appreciations, More Please!

Appreciation is a great motivator, I challenge you to give an appreciation everyday to a person you work with and notice the difference.Do you like to give and receive appreciations?

Outlaw Walkway Texting Before Someone Gets Hurt

I was looking forward to my morning appointment today, but it seemed it was not going to happen after all, because the person I was scheduled to meet didn’t show up for work today and no one from her office took the time to call me. HmmmmImmediately I thought about the amount of time I had wasted driving through traffic to get to my, (as of yesterday’s conversation) confirmed appointment. Then I thought about having a full hour of free time to myself. I shifted my energy and decided to view it as an invitation rather than an imposition.  ...more

Are Women Less Ambitious As They Get Older?

I read this blog on Huffington Post today - Motherhood Not to Blame for Women's Waning Ambition, Survey ShowsHere is the link: actually believe there is a good side to this survey. Maybe I should have said a healthyier side. Consciousness is building up in the workplace and as the level of consciousness takes hold within a culture, and this is one of the core elements the survey is highlighting. It's not surprising that women are the one's who are making the biggest wave....more