Reset The Motivation Button

Have you read a book by bestseller Daniel H. Pink called Drive? The author invites you to rethink motivation at its core. I personally like it when an author inspires me to think outside the box. And since finishing reading Drive, I am still utilizing the content of the book as one of my many resource guides for the work I do professionally, and for my own personal evolution.The author, came to his conclusions after drawing on four decades of scientific research, he examines the three elements of what he sees as true motivation - autonomy, mastery and purpose....more

Coke – Breaking The Habit!

It's been a long time in coming. Today is the day I have decided to stop drinking coca-cola products. This is nothing new. I have tried a number of times to quit before only to start again, and again. I am and have been fully aware of the negative effects of soda, and only this week I read an article about soda causing heart issues. But still I allowed myself to ignore the seriousness of what I was doing to myself, and if I remember correctly, I was drinking a glass of coke as I read the enlightening article. I notice how angry and sad I feel with myself as I write this blog....more
@jacquelineparis Loved the thought of your 'one night stand'more

Stepping Up To The Plate - Penn State Crisis

Each day a new horrid twist or turn is reported about the Penn State child abuse case. Today's breaking news focused on the assistant coach Mike McQueary. Mr. McQueary said he had reported the abuse to the local police back in 2002. Yet no action was taken. Later on in the day, the news media reported that the local police deny ever having received his report….. and on and on it goes....more

Building Conscious Relationships in the workplace?

My blog today is about building conscious relationships in the workplace. What does a conscious relation look like? How is it different than an unconscious one? My belief is that a conscious work colleague is one that I can: give and receive feedback, share thoughts and beliefs, co-create with them on projects all in a fun environment....more

Raising Consciousness Series 2

Overwhelmed vs. Passion How many times have I tried to avoid an issue, only to end up feeling overwhelmed and at the effect of…. Yet the moment I faced into the issue I felt empowered and alive.There are numerous environmental issues that globally and domestically can make any of us feel overwhelmed, however when you focus on what you are really passionate about, it’s amazing how easy it is to face the issue and consciously take action....more

Raising Consciousness. Series 1.

I attended an all day event today, called The Earth at Risk. My head is still spinning with a plethora of thoughts, and insights about social justice and environmental challenges across the globe, that continue to jeopardize all forms of life on earth....more

Tuning Out Your Inner Critic, Good Luck!

One common reason we stop ourselves from achieving our goals is by listening to our inner critic. It is that voice that says in a harsh or unconstructive way, “You’re not good enough” or “I can’t believe you just made that error…again..”This pattern of negative behavior can become addictive, even a form of motivation for some people, however, critical behavior takes up an enormous amount of energy and slowly chips away at your confidence....more

It’s Your Responsibility - Lessons Learned

I wanted to write a blog about responsibility. I guess after reading numerous news stories this week that highlighted the ‘lack’ of responsibility. Whether it was in the Penn State child abuse, Cain sexual harassment, or the Europe debt crisis. The lack of responsibility from so many diverse quadrants simply made me wonder if there was an epidemic far worse than the swine flu going around! ...more

A Woman’s Best Friend

In companies across the globe, women have a new tool to help them climb the corporate ladder. It’s called having access to a Business Social Media network. This simple tool invites employees to share knowledge and innovative ideas with their fellow employees (as well as many other applications). Simply pause for just a moment. Prior to this tool, how would you ever get your ideas in front of the CEO and the entire c-suite? In organizations where a Business Social Network is hosted, similar to one that a company called Yammer offers....more

Inspiring Innovative Ideation Meetings

As a leader, do you want to harness the innovative spirit of your company? Then look no further than how you are conducting your ideation sessions.There are four main barriers that get in the way of innovative thinking during an ideation session. 1.Stifling employee input and ideas 2. Limiting the range of employee diverse experience attending the meeting 3. Employee’s fear of risk-taking and expressing  4. Lack of fun...more