How to Keep your Garden Pest-Free

  How to Keep your Garden Pest-Free(Without the use of harsh chemicals)     What gardener doesn't have pests to contend with?  Even those who grow their herbs,veggies, and flowers in pots have pest problems.  I have a backyard garden and I alsogrow plants in pots.  Over the years I've tried a number of environmentally save methods for pest control and have discovered that some work better than others.  Of course you can go to your local nursery and buy chemical sprays...more

Vintage Label for Your No-Cook Peach Freezer Jam

  Peaches are ripe!  Use this easy recipe by Ball for no-cook freezer jam.  Add a vintage label and give a jar to a friend.   Scroll down for the recipe.   No-Cook Peach Freezer Jam From Ball Yield: 5 – 6 8-oz containers 4 cups (about 12) peaches, peeled and crushed 1 1/2 cups (~1 lb) sugar 3 tbsp lemon ...more

Free E-Cards: Send One to a Friend

  Touch base with a friend.  Send one of my original e-cards.       ...more

Shopping for Bargains at the Greenhouse

  This is the time of year for bargain shopping.  Not only bargain shopping in boutiques and department stores, WalMart included, but bargain shopping at your local greenhouse.  Yesterday I wasn't even looking for bargains when I ran across some give-aways.  "Free to a Good Home," the sign said, and I helped myself to a free tomato plant and a free eggplant. My local greenhouse reduces prices throughout the growing season, but this time of year they offer great bargains.  I don't know about you, but I've have enough perennials, and since I'm a d...more

Want New Varieties of Daylilies? Then Propagate.

 [Editor's note: I'm not exactly a master gardener, but after reading this post, I think I want to be. Who knew crossbreeding flowers could be so easy and fun? - Kathy ] Want New Varieties of Daylilies? Then Propagate Propagating daylilies is simple and fun. It's just a matter of taking the pollen from one plant (from the stamen) and place it on the pistil of another plant. I use a Q-tip for this, but I've also just broken off a stamen, carried it to another plant, and rubbed the pollen on the pistil....more
This is fascinating! I can't wait to try propagating day lilies this spring. Thanks for sharing ...more

E-cards for Summer Sends

    Original E-cards for Summer Sends       ...more

My Camera Loves the Lighthouses of Maine

  I've been to Maine many times and have photographed quite a few of its 60 lighthouses.  My camera loves the Portland Head Lighthouse, which is said to be the most photographed lighthouse on the East coast.  It's also the oldest of Maine's lighthouses.     ...more

Touch Base With a Friend: Send an E-Card

  Touch Base with a Friend:  Send one of my E-cards.       ...more

Flowers of My Childhood

Flowers of my Childhood   Thinking back to the time when I was young and living at home, I can 'see' the hollyhocks my father grew.  Our home was situated on two acres of ground where my father grew vegetables and flowers.  Mother strung the beans and shelled the peas; she canned and preserved the food....more

E-Cards: Father's Day and More: Free

  Father's Day Cards and More Original cards for free, providing you keep my name intact and don't attempt to sell them. If you like these, check my other blog for other freebies.     ...more