Marlene Samuels

is an independent research sociologist, writer & instructor and holds a Ph.D. & M.A. from University of Chicago. She teaches research methodology workshops to writers of memoir and creative non-fiction. Her writing included both academic and contemporary essays. After rewriting, co-authoring and publishing her mother's World War II memoir, THE SEAMSTRESS: A MEMOIR OF SURVIVAL, her writing began to focus more on non-fiction short stories and articles.

Currently, Marlene is completing the story collection - BROKEN CHAINS, MISSING LINKS and conducting research for a book about mid-life decision making. A number of the stories from the collection have been published as stand-alone pieces and several food articles have appeared in well known papers. Marlene is a popular guest blogger on numerous sites, a collaborator in "A Room of Her Own – Writer to Writer" interview project and maintains her own blog. Read more about her research, workshops, presentations and essays by visiting:  

Topics on the blog include non-fiction short story, essays focusing upon problems in contemporary America, adoption related issues, and her fun diversion - culinary solutions. Read writing excerpts, peruse recipes and even join!

Marlene's Bio

Marlene Samuels is a writer, independent research sociologist, and instructor. She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Sociology from University of Chicago and has a B.S. in clinical and educational psychology. She serves on University of Chicago’s Visiting Committee to the Graduate Division in the Social Sciences and is a member of University of Chicago Women’s Board. ...more

Re-purposing Foods: Not Just About Frugality

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