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I have a Lens at Squidoo that is all about Pumpkins. It is LensRank #16 right now and I would love to see it hit number one for Halloween! Please stop by and visit - lots of terrific information, AMAZING carvings, giant pumpkins, history, recipes, nutrition and contests to build a machine that launch a pumpkin the farthest! ...more

Why did the e-mail notifications stop?

I was geting notifications of all new topics and comments, but they stopped. I didn't change any of my settings. I wrote to the "Contact Us" and asked why, but didn't get a response. I know y'all very busy though. ...more

Happy Mother's Day

- - - We'll be visiting my wonderful 80 year-old mother-in-law tomorrow, so I'm posting this today. Not trying to start another battlefront in the MommyWars, (I'm a work-at-home mom myself) but here is a cautionary tale (told with a grin) for you stay-at-home moms. Keep your skills and business contacts active, or this could happen to you! LOL - - - ...more