Put on Your Plastic Pants: It's Time for the ROFL Awards

For two months now, the mom-centric Blogosphere has reserved one day every month to celebrate the hilarious, the gut-wrenchingly funny, and the downright silly. Brought to you by Cristina of Mommy off the Record and Izzy of IzzyMom, the ROFL Awards are when you find yourself literally rolling on the floor laughing after reading a blog post. ...more

I've been following the 'television and autism' debate too.

If I can add my two pennarth ...more

At-Home Dads Convene for BBQ, Beers, and Baby Talk

I’m just about ready to leave for KC for the weekend! I have all the dishes cleaned, Gavin’s clothes are all washed and put away and there is tons of food in the fridge waiting to be heated in the microwave. Now for the next three days the wife will know what its like to run a house! …er, wait, maybe not. ...more

When Bad is Hip: Thoughts from The Motherlode Conference

The 10th annual ARM (Association for Research in Mothering) conference, aptly named "The Motherlode: A Complete Celebration of Motherhood" was held last month in Toronto. ...more

Elen's quote:
I really believe that if we are living a satisfying life, we don’t have to ...more

New Blogs by Moms, and Not Necessarily About Kids

I love to report on new projects that mommybloggers are doing, and I never (repeat: NEVER!) run out of things about which to report. Every week, I read, see, or hear about yet another mommyblogger launching yet another new blog. ...more

Thanks for all the Great info on these sites! more

How to vote NO on unrealistic celebrity mom role models

In a week when one celebrity mom is getting divorced, another is having a party to celebrate her divorce, a third sold the video of her recent caesarean section, and another is getting a divorce as well as flaunting her eight-week postpartum body for the rest of us moms to agonize over, I want to highlight a post I came across that confirms for me that at least one mom in the world knows exactly how it feels to be in my shoes. ...more

Krisco from Crib Ceiling
I know those ...more

Mom Bloggers With a Novel Idea

There's this thing you should know about moms: we tend to be nuts. Not nuts in a salted-good-for-you-but-fattening kind of way, but nuts in a like-to-heap-lots-of-stuff-on-our-plates kind of way. ...more

Do it! You won't regret it! And it's not too late to start.... I participated last year, and ...more

TMX Elmo Takes Christmas Shopping to the Extreme

Happy Halloween! Now on to Christmas... He's cute, furry, and loves to be tickled. So what's not to like about TMX Elmo, the must-have toy for Christmas 2006? ...more

When I first heard Rosie mention it on The View I thought I might pick it up for my niece for ...more

SV Mommybloggers Meet the Real Deal: Elizabeth Edwards

This past Tuesday I scrambled to find a babysitter, struggled to find an outfit that didn't label me immediately as a suburban housewife, and drove into San Francisco to meet with an amazing woman, author, mother, and wife, Elizabeth Edwards. ...more

I was honored to be the DC Metro Moms representative by phone who got to ask the questions we ...more

New Autism Study Points Finger at TV Moms

Autism bloggers are having a field day this week with a new study recently released by Cornell economists Michael Waldman, Sean Nicholson, and Nodir Adilov that attempts to link autism with TV watching. If the study wasn't enough fuel for a fire, Gregg Easterbrook of Slate then wrote a provocative essay showing support for the study titled TV Really Might Cause Autism. ...more

The whole autism-TV hypothesis is quite ridiculous. And I agree, this study does nothing more ...more

Equity in Marriage after Kids. Check?

In her continuing attempt to reply to Linda Hirshman's checklist for women who decide to have children: "only have one kid, marry a liberal guy, only work full time jobs, yadda yadda," Laura of 11D writes up her own checklist for Equity After the Kids. "How do you make sure that you don't [get] stuck with the lion share of thankless drudgery after the kids come around?" ...more

ABC Television’s hit show Wife Swap is looking for families who live a leisurely lifestyle and ...more