Maryl Floyd

In my first life I was a daughter, sister, student. I was the first in my family to go to college, traveled half- price with my “12 to 21” card (anyone remember that?), spent my sophomore summer abroad, communed at Woodstock and marched on Washington DC against the war.  

I joined the workforce as a video producer and then was part of the female invasion of corporate America. I’ve directed documentaries, produced advertising and represented some of the first major brands (like AT&T and IBM) to jump on the internet. I became a mother when my husband and I traveled to Russia to pick up our then three-year-old daughter. 

Since then I’ve been orphaned, downsized out of three (count ‘em) corporations and become an embarrassment to my teenage daughter. I'm ready to move forward….becoming an entrepreneur, exploring the world (Buenos Aires and Vietnam next), starting this blog with my college friend, Caryl (I'm on left, she's on right in photo). I’ve got my passport and my password for my second life. Care to join us?

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