Mary Ellis

Hi! I'm Mary.  I'm the creator of The Remedy House blog.  My blog is a place to share solutions to decorating, refurbishing furniture, craft projects, and life's little events. I'm wife to a my sweet husband, Michael and "mama" to my furbaby, Beau.  My husband is a Real Estate Broker and I work at home as his licensed Broker assistant.  

A Few Good Tips for Newly Weds

At one point or another in my life I have kept a journal, or a diary.  I found my last journal right before New Year's with all sorts of entries from myself about 7-8 years ago. Oh time does change things....However, I do believe there is benefit to writing down your thoughts or the ideas of others that strike your fancy. Since New Years, I have been jotting down messages and quotes that I read in order to go back and reflect when I need a little pick me up or reality check....more

Be Thrifty.

In a major attempt to de-clutter my house and hence my life, I have started to sift through one room a week.  More on this later....With this comes lots of little piles of stuff that I either want to sell or give away. So once a week I drop off the "give away" pile at the local Goodwill on Parkway Drive.This may sound incredibly counterproductive but I just had to scoot into the Goodwill Shop just to see if there were any diamonds in the rough....more