Gotta Have Faith

Today I was pondering whether or not I should blog. There has been something heavy on my mind for a couple of days, but I didn't know if I should write about it. And then I saw a commercial that ended the dilemma and brings me to now. The commercial was about faith....more

: )

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Married Life- Are You In?

With the recent media coverage of celeb divorces and separations, it makes me wonder... Why do we want to get married? I have learned that everyone had a different reason. Some have settled for a companion that they can "deal" with.  Some marry for money and stability. Some marry for the sake of marrying. Some feel they have truly fell in love. Some feel they have found their soul mate. I am in the latter category....more

Sit Back and Relax

Yesterday it happened again…I had the day off and filled it with a whole list of “To-Do’s”. Instead of actually taking the day off to relax and take advantage of an empty house, I ended up more exhausted than I would have been on an actual work day. But I had it all planned out. I was going to take my oldest son to the doctor at 8am, drop him off at school at 9am, go home and have breakfast, lounge on the couch catching up with Dexter, Mad Men, and whatever else was On Demand, maybe do a load or two of laundry, and take a much-needed nap....more

Keep Your Friends Close...

Through this short journey of my life, I have gone through a great many things- joy, sadness, excitement, new beginnings, tragic ends, etc… But through it all, I have had great friends by my side. Yesterday marked the 32nd anniversary of my birth. Each year it seems to sink in more and more how fast life is moving, which begs the question- are you living every minute or just watching as it passes you by?...more

Livin' My Life Like It's Golden

For a while I was feeling incredibly defeated in life. I wasn't able to find a career I could stick with because I wanted something different. After college and 8 years after, I wanted to delve right into an industry that would support and allow me flourish in the world of creativity, events, and marketing. But to no avail. It was as if I was forcing my square dreams into a round career- it just wasn't happening. Aside from my career woes, it seemed as if I could never get ahead financially....more

The Miracle of Music

I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately. I love it! There was a time where I kept music around me constantly. I had a stereo in my bedroom for my afternoon listening pleasure and to send me off to dream land every night, in my bathroom to help me get ready for school, a walkman for when I was on foot or in the car with my mom, and music videos on TV to learn the choreography of the hottest new song.  My freshman year of college, I was referred to as “that girl with the big headphones on” or to my dorm neighbors below me, “the girl who blasts Mary J....more

Music Moves You

While traveling to work this morning, I was feeling extra tired and needed a little pick-me-up. I guess driving in the pre-crack of dawn darkness didn’t help much. So I figured I’d play a little music to hype me up. Unfortunately, the hubby has confiscated all of my CDs and has added it to his collection, so I had to try to find some remnant of music left in my car. I came up with a mix CD of slow jams—negative, I wasn’t trying to fall asleep and crash. And then I found “I Am… Sasha Fierce”, Beyonce’s last CD....more

Freezing Me Out

Is it me or does every office building have some sort of mandate where the A/C has to be on 30 degrees all year round? I don’t recall one place that I have ever worked where I didn’t have to wear a ski parka, mittens, and snow boots just to be comfortable. At my last job I snuck in a space heater and had that going all year round. I know I can be a little colder than most, but when objects on my desk start to feel cold, I know it’s not just me. Can someone please explain this to me?...more

What Dreams May Come

Today was my first day back into the workforce. It started out kind of peculiarly because I awoke this morning out of a bad dream. I dreamt that on my first day of work I went off site for lunch and couldn’t get back to the office on time. It was if the road would not end. No matter how long I drove, I never reached my destination.  I woke up from the dream about an hour and a half late from lunch and I still wasn’t there yet. Needless to say, I was planning to stay in the building for lunch. After waking up from such a jarring dream, I prepared for my big day....more

Extreme anxiety for me! : )
And yeah, the air was cleared. Everything's cool : )

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New Beginnings

Tomorrow is the big day! I start my new job with a new attitude, a new outlook on life, and a newly reorganized closet.  The latter is very important. I’m still ultra excited about how it turned out. I am officially proclaiming that I am done switching from job to job every couple of years or so. The only way they’re getting rid of me at this new place is if I am fired, laid off, or some other company seeks me out and offers me a boat load of cash. Otherwise, put a fork in me because I’m done.  I’m getting too old for this. So, I’m all set for this week....more

That place is lucky to have someone with your enthusiasm and drive. Best of luck on your first day!more