Elizabeth Blackney

Elizabeth Blackney is an author, advocate, and media & communications strategist. As the Managing Director of Global Advocacy at Just Consulting, she develops campaigns designed to persuade and inspire action. Her expertise includes a strong focus on maternal and child health, strategic diplomacy and other efforts to prevent war crimes, particularly forcible rape, Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and the deprivation of religious equality. She has written for numerous NGO and advocacy organizations, and speaks to schools, universities, and conferences on building awareness and influencing core constituencies. Blackney's writing explores her experiences and coverage of rape, genocide, equality, global health and spirituality. She is a mother, Gold Star Wife, and completed two forty day hunger strikes to bring attention to the sexual and gender based violence in Congo, and the marginalized people of Sudan and South Sudan. Her latest columns may be found on The Huffington Post. Blackney's first book is Sex, Lies & Politricks. Follow her on Twitter @MediaLizzy.

In 2013, Choose Love

My daughter is 17. Before long she will attend University and begin what will be an exciting, beautiful, and wonderful life on her own. I am sure life will throw her the occasional curveball but she's a first rate person, and will handle life and all it's complications with aplomb. We are so very blessed. With family, our urban family, and friends and colleagues that enrich each day with their presence. Abundance is ours, at least of the love kind. We're not much interested in any other kind....more
Hey there, Elizabeth! Your post could not be more welcomed. I have been trying to get a few ...more

California's Battle Royale: In Whitman v. Brown, Advantage Whitman

Resisting the obvious Beauty and the Beast jokes won't be easy. California voters have a choice to make on November 2nd, and after tonight's debate, Jerry Brown cast himself as serene Beauty but his demeanor was more beastly than ever. I could hardly believe my eyes. I remember meeting him during a 1992 presidential primary stop, where he stood in a park near a river and waxed poetic about the Constitution. ...more


Ms. ...more

On Glenn Beck: The Constitution Guarantees His Right to Assemble and Speak

With his staff’s monumental assistance, Glenn Beck has done an enormous amount of research. On modern day Americans and our antecedents. On different leaders in history, their policies and politics. He talks of honor. Of faith. ...more

I wish I understood more about the law and how it works. It's easy to see how the Constitution ...more