Jana Kalusha-Mascioni

 I was born a Midwesterner but my heart belongs to the Mediterranean.  I am in love with the Mediterranean food, culture and people (I should be, I married an Italian).  What draws me most to the Mediterranean culture is how important it is to surround yourself with good friends, family and fresh healthy food. Where else can you jump in crystal clear water off of an ancient Roman quarry while delicious wines and appetizers await you on shore;  or eat perfectly cooked fresh mussels while Island hopping on a local fisherman's boat.  This appreciation for the simple, rustic yet beautiful experiences in life is why after 10 years in the fashion industry I left my career to open www.mediterraneogifts.com. An e-commerce site focused on Mediterranean inspired specialty food, decor, gifts, and party favors to bring the Mediterranean lifestyle into your everyday life and entertaining.

The purpose of my blog is to share my own and guest bloggers' Mediterranean travels, recipes, and images plus products featured on www.mediterraneogits.com.  Visit the blog for inspiration for places to visit, recipes to try, home decor, entertaining and gift ideas to celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle in your own life.