Melisa Wells

I am a wife, mom, writer, dog owner, Chicago native, and a total control freak. I am a co-Producer of Listen To Your Mother Chicago, and a Social Media Researcher for BlogHer.

I am the author of the children's book Remembering Ruby: For Families Living Beyond the Loss of a Pet, and the Chicago travel guide for families with older kids, Chicken in the Car and the Car Won't Go: Nearly 200 Ways To Enjoy Chicagoland with Tweens and Teens. My sons are now nineteen and twenty-one, which means I have experience dealing with all kinds of crazy on a regular basis.

You can read my random ramblings about parenting teens, fitness, motivation, and anything else that pops into my mind at my blog, Suburban Scrawl. Come and visit; you'll make my day! 

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My Blogs

All You Need To Know About Me Is Right Here.

The videos from the 2014 season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER are now on YouTube! Naturally I’m a little biased and highly recommend that you watch the Chicago show first (the playlist in show order is HERE). That said, I did visit the Madison, Milwaukee, and NW Indiana shows and they were awesome too, and I will be watching ALL of the other ones at some point, likely after the conference-that-shall-not-be-named-so-I-don’t-make-more-work-for-myself ....more

Office Space

There’s a running joke in this house about Melisa’s office space. I have lots of offices here. Err, I should say “offices”, in quotes ....more

One Of The Most Important Posts I Will Write This Year.

Ready to do a good deed today? I’ll make it super-easy for you. Start here: One of the reasons I was excited to work on ConAgra Foods’ Hunger-Free Summer Initiative with Feeding America was because I was paired locally with the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) ....more

Lunch Bus Helps Kids Have a Hunger-Free Summer

I am thrilled to work with The Motherhood, ConAgra Foods, and Kid President this summer to help combat child hunger. This is a sponsored post. Also, how great is it that I can say I’m working with Kid President?? ...more

My Mom Is Pretty And Other Mantras

Although I wouldn’t say that I’m a worrier by nature, I do sometimes grab onto an idea or a situation and mentally wring it out for all it’s worth. My latest worry is the quality of my skin. I know how it started ....more

Spelling Bee.

It’s very, very rare that I will repurpose or republish a post I’ve already written but in this case, a post I wrote back in 2009 couldn’t be a more perfect lead-in to tell you about the Drury Lane production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, which I was invited to check out, on the house, on opening night. I’ll tell you just a little bit about the show after you read (or reread!) the story of my very own spelling bee nightmare. I’ve always been a great speller ....more

#NetflixKids And I Are Taking It Easy This Month.

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and will be happily sharing monthly tips and stories about how my family uses Netflix on a regular basis. (Okay, that’s an understatement. I should say CONSTANTLY ....more

Ten Years Ago #Selfiebration

This year, BlogHer is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its annual conference and in honor of that milestone, there are lots of activities going on around the Selfiebration hashtag. Last week, BlogHer’s Executive Editor Julie Ross Godar asked, “Where were YOU ten years ago?” If that’s not a great blog post prompt, I don’t know what is. Ten years ago, it was 2004 ....more

It’s A Process.

In my newfound* quest to try and change up my work routine so that I can achieve some work/life balance, I’ve had a really productive week. And by “productive”, I mean “sort of successful according to my newly-created standards”. I didn’t open my laptop all weekend, instead only using my phone or iPad sporadically to hit social media–but not any work (blogging included, and truth be told I’m kicking myself a little for that one right now.). Instead, I did things like: ~nap ~visit with D, who came to see us for lunch on Saturday ~make dinner with Jim (instead of one of us cooking while the other one does something else) ~sit on the back patio “farmin’” (playing “Hay Day”) ~sit on the back patio chatting with Jim ~sit on the back patio doing absolutely nothing ~watch an above-average number of movies and episodes of “Mad Men” and “House of Cards” ~clean the kitchen (like, really clean it) Of course, all of that relaxation didn’t come easily ....more

Balancing Act. (Or, Bringing This Full House Home With Me. Sort Of.)

For the past three and a half weeks, I’ve been attempting to make some minor tweaks in how I operate during the day around here. It all started when I was in New Jersey with Liz last month. I did a lot of thinking about how relaxed and happy I am when I’m there, even though it was part vacation/part work week ....more