A Virtual Hug for Blythe Danner

I’m going to start by admitting that I don’t really get celebrity hating, specifically Gwyneth Paltrow....more

I’ve Decided to Stop Wearing Underwear Which Should Obviously Make You Think about Cancer

It barely warrants comment at this point....more

NaBloPoMo April 2014 Prompts

If you're participating in NaBloPoMo in April -- or even if you're not! -- here are some prompts to get you going. Writing prompts are posted at the beginning of the month so you can plan ahead, Monday to Friday (weekends are for free-writing!). ...more
easton_place Ditto! Let's DO this! BlogHer #NaBloPoMomore

NaBloPoMo April 2014 Badges

The official badge for April. ...more

Get Ready for a Scandalous April NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more
Bring it on! http://leatherandabel.com/more

NaBloPoMo April 2014 Blogroll

The theme for April is SCANDAL. ...more
I've begun! It was quite the challenge in February but I like a challenge, so I'm back for more! ...more

487th Friday Blog Roundup

I have cold medicine brain, that overtired, slow-thinking feeling when your body hasn’t been able to sleep off the residual effects of Benadryl....more

IComLeavWe: April 2014

Welcome back to IComLeavWe. It stands for International Comment Leaving Week, but if you say it aloud, doesn’t it sounds like “I come; [but] leave [as a] we”? And that’s sort of the point ....more

What Happens to Your Blog After You Die?

I wrote about this on BlogHer, but I think it bears repeating....more

Kittens are What Has Been Missing from Your Infertility Explanation

I know that if you are like me, you encounter people from time to time who don’t really understand infertility....more