I'm a stay-at-home mom, green living advocate, freelance proofreader and avid book reader.

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Remembering Pappy

It's been a long week for our family. My grandfather, Pappy, died on Monday night. He'd been battling Alzheimer's for about 12 years ....more

Soothing a sad Cheese Puff

Cheese Puff is already displaying the same flair for the dramatic that his older brother has. He fell down on our sidewalk last week. I swear I soothed for an hour ....more

Dining al fresco

The nice weather has caused the boys to find new ways to spend outside. Last Friday, they decided that eating lunch in my car was the best option. So, I brought out their plates ....more

Busy day!

This time of year is always busy for the boys. They seem to know lots of people born in April. Throw in Easter and just general stuff, and today was super busy for them ....more

Trying to explain time to a 4-year-old

Baby Plum's at an interesting stage. He doesn't ask "Why?" But he asks other questions. Right now, he's trying to wrap his head around time.We've had several conversations about what he was like when he was a baby.Those have led to questions about what he was like when Little Elvis was a baby ....more

We love outside!

The weather here is beautiful! It's been great. Maybe storms at night, but during the day? ...more

Another day, another play

After much discussion, we decided to let Little Elvis try out for the latest play in our area. It's School House Rock Jr. He already knew some of the songs, and we thought his behavior had gotten better ....more

An attempt to catch him singing

Cheese Puff is a songbird, but clams up when we turn the camera on. I decided to be a little surreptitious and just use the still camera set to video while we were waiting in the pick up line for Baby Plum. Two of his favorites came on, I turned the camera on a little early for this one, but he does get going at the chorus ....more

What happens when Baby Plum finds the camera

Baby Plum found the camera the other day, and much like Little Elvis used to, he ran around taking pictures. Cheese Puff eating peas. Cheese Puff after finishing his peas ....more

Fixing Issues (both website and naptime)

We interrupt this scheduled supper for an impromptu nap. Last week, my website was down. Bob worked on it (on his week off) and fixed the problem ....more