Julie Keon

Julie Keon began her career as a Social Service Worker in the early 90’s. Eventually, she  certified as both a Birth and Postpartum Doula assisting couples as they navigated their way through childbirth and the early weeks at home with a new baby. Since becoming a mother in December 2003, Julie’s career has changed and evolved. Although she no longer practices as a doula, she is active in her community educating and supporting new parents with anything prenatal, postnatal or breastfeeding related. As well, she offers workshops for women who have experienced difficult or traumatic births.

Julie is designated as a Licensed Marriage Officiant for the Province of Ontario allowing her the privilege of creating meaningful ceremonies for her clients. Presently she is studying to be a Life-Cycle Celebrant. Upon graduation (April 2013), Julie will specialize in the creation and excecution of ceremony to mark life's transitions and important events including funerals and end of life celebrations. Her interests include psychology, health, travel, writing, and staying vibrant and resilient in the midst of a sometimes very stressful life while hanging on to a sense of humour.

Julie is in the process of writing her first book, which is an extension of her celebrated essay “What I Would Tell You” (which can be found on the homepage of her website). Developing workshops and presentations for those who work with families of children with special needs as well as for parents themselves, is another item on Julie’s agenda. Julie is available for speaking engagements to share various aspects of her experience. Contact her directly with inquiries.

She is the mother to 9-year old, Meredith, and shares her life with her husband, Tim. They reside in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada.

Waiting to Exhale: One Mom Finds Her Breath Again

I held my breath in that moment when you were born. I held my breath as I gently but firmly ordered you to breathe, to stay here with us as I flicked the soles of your feet and the Midwife administered oxygen. I held my breath that morning five days later as the words carefully tumbled out of the Neurologist's mouth... "As I suspected, your daughter has suffered a serious brain injury."...more
That was very moving and powerful. You are an amazing woman. Breathe. :)more