Typing Fingers Making Music

   My childhood was alive with the sound of my Mom's typewriter.  She can type like nobody's business and used her talent to be gainfully employed, to type my step-dad's seminary papers, to help each of her girls turn in typo free essays. I can remember begging to be allowed to type, and when I sat down at the little typewriter desk, it was a long painful process to write a few sentences.  My Mom didn't have to look at the keys, and peck out her ideas....more

Frankenstein Tights

I had just left the hospital, prepared to walk 2 blocks back to my office, when I felt it, that horrible moment when a weak spot in my tights break, and I feel a laddering run begin to creep.  It's very soft, almost like an insect's delicate steps on my leg, but I feel it.   ...more

And One More For The Troops

I usually write funny things, romantic things, motherhood things, heart-string tugging things, rarely do I take my blog into the realm of politics or religion or any combination thereof.    But after seeing Girl Scouts stand out in the cold rain, asking if anyone would like to buy a box of cookies, and knowing there is a question as to what organization cookie money might be going to, I am going to explain why I still buy a box or to be honest, quite a few more than one. ...more

Where The Big Bad Monsters Lurk

In the  mornings, I will admit, I have been having a bit of a hesitant step as the dogs and I venture out for our walk.  It didn't help that we heard a scary noise in the tree tops or that a bigger dog leaped over it's fence to menace us or that an air compressor firing up sounded like the fiercest growl from the fiercest monster. It's been so dark and spooky and I have let my imagination get away from me. ...more

The Garner Files

If you've read this post from the past, then you know I love James Garner.  And now that I've read The Garner Files, I love him even more!...more

Making Chocolate Milk

I am not sure how everyone makes chocolate milk, but here in my house, we start with a tall glass of cold milk (skim thank you very much) and a healthy amount of syrup squirted in said glass.  Now, syrup may end up drizzled on the counters, or the side of the glass, and I could see how it could get on your fingers and make your spoon a sticky mess. ...more

Sweaty Hands & Queasy Stomach

Dreams and ideas can merge intoOne GoalIn that in between step, before it's realWhen it's still just newly formed,It's all excitementAnd JoyAnd I am giddyIt's the next step When the Nerves will hitI will still jump anywaySweating hands and queasy stomachQuestioning my sanityCatching air with my fingersThe pride I feel When I land on solid groundIs worth all the Nerves  ...more

Synchronized Sleepers

I've been lying beside this guy for almost 19 years and as I rolled over last night, and he rolled too so we were still snug as two bugs in a rug, I thought, "Like a well oiled machine." Like two synchronized sleepers, whose turns and leg lifts and pillow flips are in perfect timing.  Even in his sleep, my husband knows I do not want to be face to face due to my desire to breath air that hasn't directly come out of any one's lungs.  Even in his sleep, he knows me and rolls to accommodate me. ...more

Kisses & Scolds

My mother voice kisses and scolds, scolds and kissesI raise it loud in praise and warning and encouragementThey teeter on a tightrope cliff edgeDreaming dreams bigger than I had dreamed for themProud of their fierce braveryWorried I'll need a needle and thread to help them mendWorried I won't be able to helpThey reach for a passing cloudMy heart is in my throatKisses and scolds, scolds and kisses: it is all my love  ...more

I Am The Goldilocks

I am the Goldilocks of rubber fingertips.  You see, I have a very strict finger licking rule.  As in, you don't do it. It started years ago with PTA fundraisers.  All those dirty, grimy (lovely, wonderful) dollars were hard to count, but after seeing how my fingers were literally dirty after handling the cash, I could never lick my finger to help unstick the bills. ...more