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I live in London and I write a weekly blog about all the other stuff.

Thanksgiving anarchy in the UK

We don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK. It’s not that we disapprove of saying thank you, or that we disapprove of US traditions. We just don’t particularly like being told what to do. Historically, the only people we’ve ever had to say thank you to are the AA man and anyone handing over a bumper box of Quality Street chocolates. (These references will be lost on anyone not familiar with 1980s British TV ads, but you can see the sample of gratitude is small.)...more

Holding it together

Our cat just left home. Not entirely of her own volition, but she was purring. She’s been rehoused, repackaged and relocated to her country retirement estate. No longer is she mistress of a Georgian town house with a garden smaller than the bathroom. She’s got land, a chocolate box cottage and cows to play with. And a new mummy who will actually seek her out for comfort.  ...more

Nothing trivial I hope?

A friend of mine was updating me this weekend on the progress of her American niece who’s just started High School. Being 15, she has to come home on the school bus, unlike almost everyone else in the school who has turned 16 and owns a car. In America, significant age markers are sensibly spaced. Unlike in Britain, where coming of age to legally drive, drink Southern Comfort and take the most important academic exams of your life happens within 12 months – something generally considered nothing more than a happy coincidence....more

Happy (and) in bed?

My husband and I have a little game that we play in bed. I’m not clever enough yet to write blog-listings teasers, so that’s just a literal statement. And we have a name for our game: ‘The Gin and Tonic Question.’ It’s very easy to play, mainly because it involves absolutely no action or reaction, and everyone’s a winner. The basic premise is to illustrate how happy you are to be lying in bed by naming your minimum price for getting ...more

Beating the Baddies

There's been a bit of a recurring theme in our family conversations this summer regarding the existence of baddies. I'm not really sure how it all started ,although I have always had a pathological fear of haunted houses, so it might just be in the genes. ...more

The Blogging Blog

This weekend I decided to learn how to increase readership on my blog. There is of course a huge bloggy industry in place to teach me exactly how to write a blog so successful I can live on virtual ad revenue for the rest of my days. So clearly the first excellent piece of advice is to write a blog about how to write blog. The appetite for self-exploration of the art of blogging seems to be insatiable. However, the appetite for actual real-world self-exploration, which is my slightly reluctant category admission, is tiny. If indeed a thing. I wouldn’t even register on Ad Words. ...more

If one blogging lesson is for sure, commenting is key.  LOL.  As you read in my ...more

The Waitrose Effect

When my twin boys were tiny, and opportunities for any emotion other than ‘impending doom’ or ‘actual doom’ were equally as tiny, I discovered I could change the course of a whole day with a trip to Waitrose. While the journey from home to store was often fraught with danger and disease (to a certain extent…) once inside the nicest supermarket in the world I was safe and ready for action. And swiftly it came. ...more