I'm a writer living in Northern California. I blog daily at and my essays have appeared in various publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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This is how it happened.

If there’s one thing women are most interested in,...more

How not to feed a dog

The one, the only, RILEY. Yes, he’s adorable. But those who know and love him get most tickled by his dinner plate, which gets almost as many comments as his adorableness ....more

Journeying to shamanism

It can be hard for me to turn off my “observer” and embrace the activity in which I’m involved. Because I really do like to watch and suss out and consider — sometimes I like that much more than participating. Not to mention the effort that must go into remembering things so I can write about them–much harder these days ....more

3 reasons people don’t watch video blogs

I noticed a provocative blog headline on social media the other day and, since I was interested in the subject, I clicked on it. But when I saw that it was a video–an excerpt from a speech in this case–I made a split-second decision to immediately click off. Why? ...more

The canary in the mine

An early-warning system Miners back in the day would bring a canary into mines. If the canary keeled over, they got the hell out of the mine because that meant the air was toxic. Someone once told me that, like the canary in the mine, I seemed to have a knack for being an early warning system ....more

Is it money? Or is it manners?

Sex is no longer taboo, not when we can read in any newspaper about 12-year-olds having oral sex. Or crazy farmers having relations with their livestock. No, sex has fallen off the taboo meter ....more

What’s the inside of YOUR brain look like?

I know. You’re tired of red, white and blue posts today. So here’s something to keep you entertained for a couple minutes ....more

Perfect time

Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. Yes, I know this is hard for some to swallow because the Universe has “gifted” them with some tremendous challenges. But have you ever heard someone say that their difficulties, their disease, the problems in their lives were actually a gift? ...more

Closure ain’t all that

Are you one of those people who likes things neatly tied up in perfectly fitting boxes? That’s how I used to be. Ambiguity was a horrifying thought ....more

Prepare yourself + your pets for the Fourth of July

I’m doing my July 4 post early because you KNOW everyone will be blogging about it on “the day”....more