Is Botox Out in 2010?

A new year and a new decade always bring a contagious feeling of hope and optimism. This year, I've hitched my hopes on a new trend in beauty: According to Beatrice Aidin of the Financial Times, 2010 will be the year where the Botox craze will finally end....more

For my wedding I decided to get Botoxed. I hated it. Being a very facially expressive person ...more

Getting Back Into the Beauty Habit

I have a confession to make: I've fallen off the personal care bandwagon. It's my job to write about the importance of taking care of yourself, but I haven't done anything more strenuous than brushing my teeth in weeks. No exercise, no make-up, and I have no interest in what's going on in fashion. I hardly recognize myself!But I do have an excuse. I just had a baby. (Well, in October.)  (So maybe I didn't *just* have a baby, but it sure feels that way!)...more

How Not To Turn Into An Emery Board This Fall

Ah, fall is finally here.I love fall -- it's so beautiful, especially in New England. What I don't love is that it heralds the starts of indoor heating season, and what that means that my skin is starting to resemble an emery board. Which is never a good thing, but which really stinks when you also have to wear fleece and wool and tights. I can start a fire if I'm not careful.Here are my favorite ways to keep dry skin at bay:1. Moisturize...more

All of my kids develop such dry skin in winter that they have to wear sweats - jeans and ...more

Fall Fashion and Beauty: Growing Up and Taking Stock

I've just read Rita Wilson's column in October's Harper's Bazaar where she wondered, "when do we as women grow out of things or into things?"This column runs in a fashion magazine so she was talking about fashion and beauty "things" -- this question could lead to deeper ruminations, of course, but there's no crime in occasional frivolity -- so I've been inspired to follow her lead and take stock of how I've changed through the years....more

I hate hard, fast rules about fashion. I'm wearing a lot of the same things I wore in my ...more

Fall Makeup: Cat Eye (for Real Life)

The cat eye is back in a big way this fall and I couldn't be happier about it! It's a fun and sophisticated look that is easy to master. No, really - if I can do it, you can too! Invest a bit of time experimenting with it, and you'll be ready with a makeup technique that you can make as dramatic or as subtle as you wish. Don't believe me? Read on! ...more

I would love to see your whole face here!! Your cat eye is a lott less dramatic than I ...more

How often do you wash your hair?

I have a semi-personal question to ask you guys: How often do you wash your hair? I personally wash it every other day; I love the feel of second-day hair - plus it's so much easier to style, and I worry that washing every day would dry my hair out. However, if I miss a day for some reason, my hair gets too greasy and smelly for my taste. So every other day it is. ...more

Hi newbie here! :0) Before having our latest baby in June, I washed it every day because it's ...more

Body Oils for Pregnant Skin

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Decleor. First, let me deal with the elephant in the room. Mention pregnancy and skincare and all that people want to know boils down to one thing: How do I prevent stretch marks? My answer to you is ... I don't believe you can. (Sorry.) ...more

Back to School Shoes For The Little Ones

It's back to school time, when parents traditionally make the trek to the shoe store and fight with their kids over what to put on their feet in front of disgruntled shoe clerks. But times have changed: Now we can argue over kid's footwear in front of a laptop. Now THAT is what I call progress! ...more

Those Stan by Vincent shoes are so super cute! Not only do they look fabulous, but your ...more

Using Eyeshadow and Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eye Color - Does Cover Girl Get It Right?

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Cover Girl. ...more

I would love a sample of this stuff to see how it works for me.more

Rediscovering The Pleasures Of Bath Time: It's Not Just For Babies, You Know.

A friend and I were talking the other day when I started complaining about the various aches and pains that have plagued me this pregnancy. “I bet a nightly bath will cure you of that.” “A nightly bath? How do you even have time for that?” ...more

I love the idea that a bath doesn't have to be a big deal/time suck. And that I can still ...more