Milena Barlow

I am a very happy person and I love the blogging world! My blog "Barlow Ohana" is a journal of our little family happenings and shows the love I have for my kids. I do it for them, so they will be able to read it in the future and know what it was going on with us now. I am married to the love of my life David and together we have four cute kids.Yochabelle is 9, Hannah is 6, Isaac is 2 and Sam is 5 months old. I love my life in Hawaii and making new friends! I am LDS and would love to meet  another moms like me that are learning about motherhood step by step...Aloha Nui Loa

My First Half Marathon!

I went to Maui to run my first half marathon, check it out on my blog at Barlow Ohana!...more

My 10th anniversary cruise to Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Colombia and Aruba!

I blogged about my first cruise to celebrate my 10th anniversary! Check out my blog Barlow Ohana  :)...more

10 years together and I love him!

David and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this week! Check us out at

Rededication of the Laie Temple!

Check it out the entries of our week with the Rededication of the Laie Temple-Hawaii, kisses

What should I be for Halloween??

I had tons of fun watching my kids trying Halloween costumes! I think we decided in these ones...what do you think? Check it out all of the options

"Pumpkin Patch with the Kids"

BOOnko Night Halloween Style!

The only thing I have to say about my costume is what the Black Eye Peas always sing: IMMA BE! :)

Belle's Birthday Party!

Belle had tons of fun with her friends!

Happy Birthday my Belle!

I can't believe my Belle is 9 years old!!!! Love you chuchu :)

Welcome Fall Dinner