10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Car

One of the things I traditionally do at the start of a new year is clean out the inside of my car. It's just as glamorous as it sounds, particularly because I gave birth to a couple of trash factories a few years back. Sometimes the things I find on this annual excursion are best left undisclosed. ...more

I know it seems very simplistic, but really this has become a 'must have' in my vehicle. I ...more

Dinner on the Table in 10 Minutes? No Problem!

It's such a cliched scenario that it makes me cringe a little to even bring it up, but it happens even to the best of us from time to time -- we find ourselves with a scant ten minutes to get dinner on the table for the family, and panic is setting in. Modern family life tends to run at a frenetic pace. On any given day my modest family is navigating through both adults' full-time employment, two sets of homework, after-school activities, and doctors' appointments, and I would be lying if I told you dinner was always on the table without a fuss. ...more

This sounds delicious. We usually have those things on hand, too. I just wouldn't have come ...more

The Mind of a Tween Girl

[A guess of what my 11-year-old daughter's journal would surely look like, if she had one.] Friday, December 18th 2009 Dear Journal, I let Mom come to school with me this morning to carry my stuff. There was a lot of stuff AND it was raining and I got wet and I hate that. She was pretty much okay except when Ms. Science told her I was missing part of my project. Then I'm pretty sure she would've gone into full lecture mode if we hadn't run into the next teacher who needed cookies. Ugh!! ...more

I'm making note to come back here and read all these daughter blogs...wheeee:)But just had to ...more

Horrifying and Hilarious: The Santa Photo

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Jack Frost nipping at your nose.... ...more

I used to be the chick who took pictures of kids sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap in a mall ...more

Facing the Holidays During Financial Crisis

My father often jokes that I grew up thinking we were poor. We weren't; not even close. But my parents were extremely frugal and the typical retort if there was something I wanted was "get a job." So I did get a job, or rather, a variety of jobs, and learned the value of a dollar and grew into the fairly frugal-minded person I am today. ...more

Thanks Sara for letting us know.

My blog is about life with lupus and bipolar, good ...more

Five Frugal Ways to Rock the Yankee Swap

Yankee Swap. White Elephant Gift Exchange. Secret Santa. Gift Pool. Whatever you call it -- whatever cutesy moniker it comes as -- it has a way of resulting in unnecessary stress and expense. The idea is simple: Everyone spends just a little, resulting in fun and happiness for all. The reality is more complicated: It's another shopping "assignment," you don't want to look cheap, and (depending on the setting) people may be judging what you bring to the table. (Ohhhh, fun!) ...more

Sorry about that, Suzanne. ;)

Mir Kamin (BlogHer contributing editor)
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Five easy ways to have a frugal Black Friday

Today I've cooked and baked and generally warmed up for the "main event" tomorrow, which will include more baking and cooking and then a whole lot of eating. To me, Thanksgiving will be complete when the first child sinks a finger into a mound of mashed potatoes. In the meantime, we have family visiting and I'm loving the laughs and jockeying for space in the kitchen as we enjoy each other's company. For countless Americans, though, the big meal is merely a warm up for the main event the next day. Love it or hate it, shopping on Black Friday is a sacred ritual for many. ...more

Great article, and I agree with Sierra. With the financial condition of most of us being ...more

Five frugal ways to give back this holiday season

Despite my frantic pleading with my calendar to tell me something else, Thanksgiving is only a week away... and after that, it's the breakneck-pace Holiday Season until we hit 2010. It's the most wonderful frantic time of the year, and often one that ends up being expensive, too. ...more

nice article, time is really something that no money can equate. time spent to the people you ...more

Five easy ways to keep Thanksgiving frugal

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and dare I say that only in America could a day meant to celebrate bounty and thankfulness much more commonly devolve into stress and overspending. True, it may be the norm, but it doesn't have to be -- why not try a few simple modifications this year to stay on budget? You'll be glad you did, and chances are you'll enjoy the holiday a lot more, too. ...more

I use the roasting method to make veggie broth for my daughter, too, and it's SO much better ...more

Thank teachers without emptying your wallet

'Tis the season for those of us whose children tromp off to school two or three or five times a week to start thinking about the dreaded holiday teacher gifts. Why dreaded? Do we not appreciate our teachers? I know I can't speak for every parent, but I feel pretty confident speaking for most of us when I say it's really, really difficult to come up just the right teacher gift. ...more

My mother (a retired teacher) always advises giving something teachers can use or eat. They ...more