BlogHer Loves (Halloween) Shoes!

Due to the proximity of this week’s shoe shot to Halloween, the Events team thought it a no-brainer to theme our meme for Shoe Thursday. Can you say “Theme our meme for Halloween” ten times in a row? Yes, people, it’s Halloween Shoe Day! We came to the office yesterday in full Halloween regalia and documented everything just for you! So please take a look at the shoes below and, without peeking at the second image, see if you can guess which costume they belong to. ...more

Thursday Shoes – Spotlight on Elisa Camahort Page!

This week’s Thursday shoe post features a special surprise.   To keep things fresh, I thought it might be fun to spotlight our very own BlogHer Co-founder and Events team leader… Elisa Camahort Page! ...more
I love that so many of you are joining in!!!more

The “Remote” Thursday Shoe Shot

This Thursday’s shoe shot has presented some challenges; part of the Events team is on vacation, some of us are travelling for business, and the rest are holding down the fort at BlogHer headquarters. Yup, we're separated by three time zones, but we refuse to let silly things like geography get in our way! In fact, our situation offers up the perfect opportunity not only to connect virtually via our shoe-love but also to invite new participants into the mix. Since I’m working from BlogHer’s NY office this week, I’ve asked our digital team to play along....more
Yes! Halloween week we will do this for sure! @Jane Collinsmore

Thursday Strikes Again - Show Us Your Shoes!

Finally, some real Fall weather around here.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been itching to bust out the boots already.  Shoe boots, mid-calf, knee-highs…you name it.  Sandals be gone!Today I’m breaking in a newish pair of ankle high Miz Mooz with a sensible low-to-no heel.  I’ll happily mention the mega-online retailer from which they were purchased once they notice the BlogHer Events Team meme and begin following the Thursday Shoe shot (ahem…ama…cough, cough…zon…)  But I digress....more
My favorite Adidas sneaks (which are old now, but they're my slip on and walk the dog shoes)... ...more

It's Thursday! Show Us Your Shoes!

The extra-warm October San Francisco Bay area weather is messing with our fall shoe mojo! It’s hard to get excited over boots when there is no real reason not to continue sporting sandals. With that said, I’ve opted to fight the heat and pull my “transitional” shoes out of the closet. Today, I’m turning to an old favorite from circa 2008: a crusty worn pair of camel-colored Mary Janes by Crown Vintage. People, let the record show, Thursday shoes are *not* always new shoes!...more
I love the black and gray patterned pants with the ankle bracelet and black patent sandals! ...more

The BlogHer Events Team Presents... The Weekly Shoe Shot!

Since BlogHer’s very first conference back in 2005, bloggers have been documenting their shoes and sharing them online.   Inspired by the BlogHer community’s love of shoes coupled with our own fashion-conscious staff here at BlogHer HQ, the Events team began a Thursday Shoe meme taking a weekly “cute shoe” shot and posting on Facebook.  Here are some examples from the archive:...more
Here was my blogher12 shoe post...does that qualify? ...more

Why Have There Been No Great Women Boxers?

In 1971, art historian Linda Nochlin posed the question, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”  Her scholarship focuses on the biases of patriarchal norms illustrating how women did not have access to the same financial and educational support of church patronage and art academies as their male counterparts.  The same institutions that denied opportunities for women, helped foster greatness for male artists.  As a result, the chances of a female Michelangelo appearing on the scene were pretty darn slim. ...more
It's not just women's boxing that get's limited coverage, it's women's sport in general, ...more

Attention all Foodies!

For all of you joining us at BlogHer Food '09, we have a page (just like for our annual conference) where you can announce to your fellow BlogHers that you'll be attending. Click here to add your name...don't be shy! ...more

how do I add my name to the registration wait list? thanks!more