Sue Richards

I used to be a blogging maniac.


Then I got sick.


My multi-blogging career started with Calendar Girl. As the publisher of the Breast of Canada calendar I hoped that a daily account of my calendar making and marketing world would inspire customers and help draw attention to my project.


As I found my voice and groove, I quickly set up blog number two: The Breast Views Blog. As a women's health publisher I get scads of alternative breast health and cancer information regularly. Breast Views serves as a digest of that information.


Then menopause crept into my world. Instead of hiding under my bed or running naked and screaming down the street, I launched My Menopause Blog. I can fully attest that blogging is a suitable remedy for menopausal symptoms and an excellent way of combating memory loss. I used to read my own blog to find out what I was suppose to be doing.


Finally, I started Blog Guelph, a photo blog, soft news diary of my small city in Canada. It's the only blog I've been able to sustain - with help from friends.


In 2007, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I'd been symptomatic since 2002 but was misdiagnosed with a 'stress disorder' at the time.  


Soon after I received the ugly PD news, I submerged myself in the world of complimentary healing modalities, engaged Team Sue and allowed my community to rally and support me. 


Thankfully Helping Friends was born and about 80 people signed on to help me out financially. As a self employed artist, I had no disability insurance and failed to qualify for social assistance. 


It's been a long up and down slog, with some pretty dark, scary days to navigate. Yet these last few years have been rich with experience and love soaked too.  Currently my typing is sloooow and motor control not so good but my spirit and beliefs are very positive. I ever so grateful for the life that I do have. I am very blessed.

Sue Richards: My Struggle With Parkinson's

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Sue Richards