Miss Smith

I am a corn-fed midwestern girl haling from Wisconsin but residing in the sinful city of Reno, we try so hard to be Vegas. I am here because I realized one girls night out that I love to talk about sex, and have it as often as needed. We all love to hear about sex just as much as we want to talk about it. As I started looking back, all the way back even to my pre-sex years, it became obvious that a number of events were worth talking about. Lost condoms, bedwetting, hazy nights, "oral" fixations, feathers, and dicks so small I couldn't even feel them! I figured if my girlfiends got such a kick out of it, then everyone else might too. So, if I may, I would like to consider this a recording of my sexual exploits, the good the bad and the oh so comical...

The Feather

This is my first blog-bare with me if it takes me a few tries. I wanted to share my tales-I've always thought they are pretty dam good...I’ll start with the feather story, it’s my favorite. When I was still living in Milwaukee I was sleeping with a guy I’ll call The Bishop, you’ll hear more about him in following blogs. He was working as a prison guard and would make a stop at my place after work, I always left my door open for him so he could just come in and wake me up when he finally arrived....more