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Happy Easter

Happy Easter ....more

27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27

I am over a quarter of the way through with the 100 Happy Days challenge. So proud of myself.Anywho, today's happy is brought to you by this: This Bundt Cake pan has brought many goodies to my family.Most notably, the Lemon Ricotta Cake we will be consuming for dessert tomorrow.The best thing about this pan...I paid $2 for it at a garage sale.Yep. $2.Then as I turned to leave said garage sale, I slipped on their lawn & fell....more

Struggling with 3 Days of Happy

For the last three days I have struggled, well not really struggled, but tried hard to find something that stood out for me that should be my "Happy" for the day.Imagine my surprise when days 24, 25 & 26 took care of themselves.My email actually gave me my happy for the these days.It just came out of the blue and it's so needed.I know I am the only one that got this email, so don't try saying you did too because, pashaw, I totally won like the person said.So nanenanepoopoo (yes I did just resort to that)Take a gander at my happy:Dear Winner,Your email has been picked as a winner in the ongoing MasterCard Inc. /Microsoft Int'l 2014 Annual Draw, you did not purchase any ticket to enter for this draw, as an internet user your email address was randomly selected and you are one of the Selected Winners among 10 winners worldwide. Amount won: 4.5 Million GBP ....more

22, 23, When will the numbers end

The numbers will end on the 100th day of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.How ya' like them apples??Tee hee.Yesterday was gorgeous in Jersey....more

21 Happy Days of the 100 Happy Day Challenge

Yesterday was so beautiful that I wasn't really around.It was day 20.We started the day off with a two hour karate class for Cheeks....more

17,18,19 Hike

The past few nights (when I do my blogging) have just been busy, busy, busy.Last night, the 15yo had an outdoor deck hockey game at 9pm....more

Cotton Trees (100 Happy Days)

I was stopped at a light on my way home from work tonight....more

Clap Your Hands if You Feel Like a Room without a Roof! Happy Day 14 & 15

I really got to get on the ball & do every day actually every day.Know what I mean, Vern? (10 points if you know whose tag line that googling!)Anywho, check out yesterday's happy! This brought me such a smile.I was perusing that most disgusting Goodwill in all of NJ when I came upon this little girl.Raggedy Anne.I was so into her as a kid.The reason this made me happy was because when I looked underneath is said "Plack Shack 1975".That was a local pottery place before paint your own pottery became popular....more

Book #6: The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I am actually on my 8th book of 2014 but am just slow at doing the reviews.Well if you read my blog, you know I am just slow in posting...and slow in general.Anyway book #6 is The Host by Stephanie Meyer....more

Day 12 & 13 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

So I don't post every day.At least I am still doing it, right?That counts for something.Yes? No? Anywho yesterday's happy was my husband came home from being out of town.I didn't let anyone know on the blog or Facebook because then no one could come & get me!Today's happy is le wonderful.I won not one, but two blog giveaways.First I won from Sweeps4Bloggers the True Gentlemen Jerky giveaway.I have won quite a few things from her blog....more