Canéla A. Jaramillo

Estoy cambiando mi vida, poniendo fin a la pobreza. Mis luchas son significativos, para mí y para las mujeres como yo. Voy a demostrarlo. I'm changing my life, putting an end to poverty. My struggles are significant, for me and for women like me. I'm going to prove that. Soy latina, mexicana, mestiza, discapacitada, una madre soltera. Soy un sobreviviente de abuso sexual infantil. Soy lesbiana. He sido bendecido con una educación sólida y una fuerte voluntad. Estoy cansada de ser pobre. I am Latina, Mexicana, mestiza, disabled, a single mother. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I am lesbian. I have been blessed with a solid education and a strong will. I am tired of being poor.

Interrupting Myself to Address the Democrats on Reproductive Rights

 I'm breaking my own flow to post here a letter I sent to my local representative—one of the Democrats who voted against the Stupak/Pitts Amendment on Health Care Reform Bill. My rep probably won't read it; maybe one of you will find some meaning here   ...more

Poverty, Race, and Early Childhood Education Pt. I: Public Schools

 Let’s ponder what $1.4 billion will do to “drive education reform” and save jobs in Pennsylvania—from the perspective of a povertized, disabled, overeducated, Latina mestiza single mother of four....more

“Modernizing” Unemployment: What the National Press Isn’t Saying

 It’s national news that today there are now new stimulus funds for extended unemployment benefits, tax credits for first-time homebuyers, newer homeowners, and expanded laws providing refunds for drained businesses. What’s not being reported nationally?...more

So Little, So Late . . .

   Long day, too tired to find the stats. I fit in there, somewhere.   Facts:  ...more

Personal Poverty Reduction: Breaking the Chains of Individual, Institutional, and Internalized Poverty

   I'm starting a not so private campaign. The many labors of the late welfare activist Johnnie Tillmon remind me that, more than thirty years later, I am not alone. I, too, am a woman of color; a povertized woman; a fat woman; a middle-aged woman; and I'm living on very low-income government subsidy.   ...more