I am a stay at home mom desperately seeking work (a vacation). I took up online classes just so I could say I'm a 'student' now instead of a SAHM, so it sounds like I'm "working" (Some people just don't get it, do they?? :-)

We have three gorgeous kids: two girls, ages 4 and 3; and one boy, 8.5 months. I have been brainwashed into thinking I love to slave over the stove while my eyebrows run off my face; irritate my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel by way of scrubbing stains out of clothes; put my face and hands the closest to all the pee-action and poop splatter on the toilet, and; kiss boo-boos in between the toes of dirty, smelly, sweaty feet.. 

I go through my day and find the humor in all the crazy that happens, I guess =)

No big deal.. It's just my cervix.

Having abdnormal paps isn't unusual or uncommon, especially with me. Consistently, my downstairs has spewed out bad cells from my very first pap smear experience. I've always just gone to my regular family doctor for my womanly checkups, and the results were always "Well, they're abdnormal but not abnormal enough for us to be concerned. Come back next year." No problem, no worries, I just have a dysfunctional cervix....more