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16 Japanese Folktales for Kids

This latest addition to my series of book lists featuring...more

Poetry Challenge for Kids {Week 3}

Welcome back to our very casual, very flexible, very fun Poetry Challenge to get you and your kids reading (and enjoying!) poems during National Poetry Month (and I hope you continue well beyond April). If you missed the introduction, you can read all the challenge details in the first Poetry Challenge for Kids post. How did it go this past week with the Emily Dickinson poem? ...more

Earth Coloring Page

This month’s earth coloring page by Melanie Hope Greenberg is perfect for Earth Day. It features a globe...more

Poetry writing for kids: 12 Ideas

I am not a creative writer and so I sympathize with kids who find writing poems to be difficult. These poetry projects are good writing prompts for those of us (like me!) who need ideas in order to get started. April is National Poetry Month and the kids and I have been even more gung-ho about celebrating that we usually are ....more

How to Make a Pop Up Book {With Your 5 Year Old}

Today’s book list comes with a twist! If you’ve ever wondered how to make a pop up book, you are in for a treat. Art and design superstar Ana of Babble Dabble Do and I are starting a BOOK ART collaboration and our first project is pop-up books ....more

Poetry Challenge for Kids {Week 2}

Welcome back to our (very casual) poetry challenge. Every Friday during National Poetry Month, I will be sharing one short, classic poem to read with your kids. The rules are very simple and flexible ....more

12 (Almost) Effortless Preschool Literacy Activities

Long time followers of this blog know that literacy and reading is one of my passions. My kids are no longer preschoolers, but I thought it would be of interest to many of you if I pulled together a bunch of super easy preschool literacy activities. These ideas will help lay a solid foundations for pre-readers, and best of all, you can totally do them ....more

More Plant Science: Regrowing Vegetables from Scraps

Observing how some vegetables magically regrow from scraps is a fascinating plant science project you can do at home with the kids even if you don’t have a yard! The boys and I are watching a few items regrow (or not in one case) in our small window greenhouse. I remember growing vegetables from scraps in my elementary school classroom 35 years ago (don’t do the math, please) ....more

Read Aloud Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

I am calling this a list of “chapter books to read aloud to 3rd graders”, because my older son is 9 years old and is in (you guessed it) third grade. However, the books on this list certainly can be enjoyed by 2nd, 4th and 5th graders, as well as kids older and younger. I you have more than one child you may relate to how challenging it is me to find read aloud chapter books appropriate for both my 5 year old and 9 year old at the same time ....more

Poetry Challenge for Kids

When I shared my list of culturally diverse poetry books earlier this week I issued a casual challenge for National Poetry Month (April). Today I’m issuing a more formal poetry challenge for kids to encourage you to share the joy of reading poems as a family. Don’t worry, though, I’m still keeping things simple (as is my usual M.O.). How the Poetry Challenge Works: Every Friday I will share a different, classic poem ....more