Breaking The Cycle of Stuff

When I was young, we spent our Sunday afternoons shopping. We would buy tops, rugs, slipper socks, mixed nuts -- anything that tickled our fancy. We would make layaways and then wring our hands in anticipation of the day we would rip open the bald cardboard box, emblazoned with our handwritten last name, to expose its treasures....more
HeidiSiefkas  I hear you!more

Super Bowl Halftime Recap: Oil Meets Water

In general, I don't like talking about things so topical they literally expire in one day. I don't. But since I've got some time to kill before tickets go on sale, I'm going to give it a shot.If you know me, even a little bit, you know that I'm a huge fan of Bruno Mars, going back to the days of Nothin' on You. Let's also say that, since then, I've basically attained groupie status. His voice has so bewitched me, I've yet to break the spell. Basically, I'm in love with him, and nothing will ever change that....more

The Cure for Social Media Misery: Communicating in Person

Social Media rules, right? It rules our every day. It's the foundation of our daily routine. We're never logged out. And, that being the case, we don't, we can't, seem to unplug ourselves from the idiosyncratic patterns of our fellow man.Sure, we tolerate it with our families, and some friends, but from acquaintances? It's downright annoying....more

On Leaving the Nest

One would think that I might be overly anxious to get my kids into school. One would think that, after three years of full-on Toddleritis, I would be dropping my kids off at the nearest brick building.I've been sitting on the necessary paperwork to enroll my kids immediately in our town's preschool for about three weeks now. I don't like that word immediate. It just sounds so immediate, doesn't it?Like, we're going to rip those kids from your fleshy loins right now....more

Parenthood Dislcaimer and Release

We've heard you've been considering creating a family, experiencing the pure joy of love wrapped in a velvety receiving blanket, embarking upon the magical journey of parenthood! Fantastic!We realize there have been some misunderstandings regarding the perceptions and actual practice of parenthood. To clear up any confusion, we've asked that you please read this form, then sign and initial where indicated. Parenthood Disclaimer and Release ...more

More to Life

As a child, you dream about meeting Mister (or Miss) Right, buying a charming bungalow with a white picket fence in the suburbs, begetting precisely two and one-thirds children, and raising a stinky-but-lovable golden retriever named Max.So you plot and plan and ride the tides, marching ahead, falling behind, through the winding roads of life, in pursuit of your ideal. You get an education, you date, you cry, you learn, you grow, and as you do, years inevitably and quickly pass......more

No More Resolutions

New Year's Eve is upon us, and you know what that means: resolutions. Though there may be four or five people who make New Year's Resolutions and actually stick to them, the vast majority of people don't....more

The Best and Worst Christmas Treats of All Time

Christmastime evokes so many memories, many of which revolve around food. In my infinite affection for the holidays, I wanted to pay a small homage to the treats near and dear to me, to the tastes upon which many of my memories were made. I've got my favorites (and not so favorites), and I'd like to share them with you. So, without further ado, here are my the best and worst Christmas treats of all time! Hot Cocoa ...more
seizetheabsurd During my 'informal poll', those colored bits were everyone's main complaint.more

Cookies for Santa

My grandmother was sitting in her bed at a rehab facility, passing time until she was released home. "You better have the kids leave cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer," she reminded me.A few days later, I'm at home with my kids, watching Peppa Pig, when Mommy Pig reminded Peppa and her brother, George, to leave out a mince pie and a glass of milk for Father Christmas, and carrots for the reindeer....more