Naptime Rules of Engagement

Putting three toddlers to bed at any time is not for the faint of heart. And successfully executing nap time for all three can be elusive and quite rewarding. Since it’s become almost literally my life’s work to ensure my children have naps, I’ve compiled a list of handy do’s and dont’s for your own naptime adventures. DO…Create a recognizable schedule for naptime. For example, my son knows that it’s, “Caillou, then nap.” Adhere to this schedule as strictly as possible....more


I've reached the awkward and undeniably uncomfortable place in my maturity where I realize that I'm not invincible, a point where I'm drinking in every puffy cloud of adorability left in the wake of my young children, while simultaneously considering my (and others') mortality.I've been lucky so far in my life. I haven't lost many loved one. Most seem to be hanging on pretty well, impressively even. But I know, just as the sun will set this evening, the sun will also set on the people whom I love. And on me....more

I'm Not Coming Home

Over the weekend, my parents stayed over our house to watch our babies. My husband and I had plans, and we weren't sure what time we'd be getting home, so we erred on the side of caution and asked if they minded staying over. They agreed. When they left the next day, my darling son Matthew wrestled his way out of the living room, requested his shoes, and declared that he was, "Going Grammy's house!" When I leaned down to him to make sure I heard him correctly, he bent over, kissed my leg, and said, "Bye, Mommy!""Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on," I interjected."You're what?"...more
 @Darcie Oh, I'm so glad! But I'm sure I will be hearing about it!!more

Politics and Pride

I was sitting in my minivan in a supermarket parking lot a few months ago when I was inspired to write about the Obamas. My heart screamed yes, whilst my head firmly, yet gently, reminded me about the topics of which we may never speak. But I was inspired.The feeling surfaced again, once, twice, three times, until I lost count, and each time I pushed the inspiration down with the weight of my logic....more

Diary of Some Stinky Kids

Everyone knows things have been a little rough around here lately. We've been doing nothing but putting out fires for the past four months. Thus, when a window of opportunity opens to distract ourselves, to do something special for our family, we hurl ourselves enthusiastically through....more

24 Hours of Maggie

(Fair Warning: At the end of this post, you will either feel compelled to a) send me a box of wine, or b) call CPS. My one appeal to you is that if you choose Option B, please be sure it is either preceded or followed by Option A.)...more

Things That Need to Stop…Now

I propose an immediate moratorium on this little collection of memes, phrases, global assumptions, and gestures for a variety of reasons, but, you know, mostly because of the annoying. And it would keep me from blinding myself with a letter opener. And no one would want that, I'm sure. Well, maybe a few of you, but I'm only counting your votes as half. ...more

Beware the Minivan

Like a superhero, I now wear an invisibility cloak. I can come and go from most places completely unnoticed. I can stalk though my daily routine virtually undetected.Why?Because I drive a minivan....more

Revelation: Letting Go

This morning began like every day of recent months. I woke up, peered at the pathetically undressed walls of our bedroom and at the tied trash bags lying on my bureau, and attempted to awaken enough to remove my fingers from between my cat's teeth....more