I'm a young mom of three of the most awesomest kids on the planet; Zach (6/15/04), Ryan (1/10/06), and Miss Bellarina Belly Button Pudding Pie (4/22/09). I've been blogging on and off for several years, and my current blog has been going for a year now.

The cuteness I can create with...

a gorgeous daughter and Photoshop.Check it out here:My Life with Two Blues and a Pink: Sharing a Little Cuteness......more

I've been in a funk.

A little bit about being in a funk, registering my middle child for school, and a huge allergic reaction leading to hives all over the body.Want to see what it's all about? Then check it out here:My Life with Two Blues and a Pink: I've Been in a Funk...more

Status Updates: The fun and easy way for a blog post

Have you ever taken a minute to look through all your updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? They can tell you (and others) a lot about how you spend your day. This can lead to some really fun intereting blog posts such as "Those Middle of the Night Facebook Updates" and my current post which is a collection of status updates that describe the way each day went....more