Kristi Valentini

I do whatever it takes, a diet heavy on chocolate and caffeine, Gregorian chants, whatever, to maintain inner peace among motherhood, career and the pursuit of domestic glory. Like other moms today, I strive for balance but makes do with a multi-tasking juggling act. I'm mama to a toddler and a preschooler and began my blog,, to give other moms a "cheat sheet" of discoveries, tips and gadgets that can make parenthood easier. When not changing diapers or playing dolls with my two little beauties, I'm a marketing communications strategist and a freelance writer. I'm currently a contributing writer for My work has also appeared in Parenting Early Years, Parenting School Years, The Huffington Post, and StyleLine magazine among others.

Taking Obese Children From Their Parents

Recently, Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig advocated for the removal of severely obese children from their homes. An estimated two million children in the United States would qualify for this government intervention. Say what?...more
Cite your source on "overweight infants are almost always developmentally delayed." I was an ...more