I am a tattoo and piercing obsessed; part-time professional photography fanatic; anti-cleaning but clutter fearing; overloaded animal caretaker; over-talking blogging big mouthed; sometimes always right now procrastinating; God-believing and Heaven bound woman... with a lot of things going on in this life I've been given. I lug my camera (DSLR) everywhere. I pack diapers into the side pocket of my camera bag... and the diaper bag is at home when we go out. Change of clothes and snacks? Hopefully they're in the car, or one of my fab friends brought the good stuff. Weird, not very mommy-like, but I LOVE having a camera (any camera) with me for the wow moments of every day. Maybe I should say every moment of everyday? Hehehe. And if I could charge the battery on my awesome Olympus P&S camera, trust I'd have that with me (too...), but I lost the charger.

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Pull out

It’s been hard to write lately; not because I’m uninspired,...more

The mermaid

Cerulean shimmers amidst shocked white spray Undulating, stirring the constant changing tides The crash of salt and sea Rocks jutting just above scream “hault !” She baths atop this surfaced throne Watching the waves churn about her Head turning heaven-ward, she is still Sunkissed skin merges with irredecent drops Whilst pearls and shells modestly adorn *inspired by the word ‘wave’ from Six Word Fridays ...more

Land! Treasure! And a message in the bottle

I’ve been planning this session in my head for quite some time: a pirate ship, a few swarthy crew members, a beach....more

This is childhood

Explore. Discover. Play ....more

Suave, rising sophomore

This summer begins in a mere 15 days. Fifteen! It’s hard to believe I’m wrapping up another year of teaching – - even harder to realize that my children have reached new milestones in their educational journeys ....more


This morning, hubs beat me out of bed. He showered, dressed, and brushed my lips with a kiss. He said his usual “see you later,” as he rarely says goodbye ....more

SWF: This Sky

It’s been endlessly raining here lately Clouds have been crying for days Mourning loss, lamenting apathy, wishing change Soon, though, the skies will clear Those white wisps of nebulous design Once again swirling into imagination’s beings The rays of golden light appearing – - Breaking through atmosphere like heaven’s ladder Bringing hope in ground bending arches (Exploding prisms of color just above) reminding that we can press on inspired by Six Word Fridays hosted by My Memory Art blog ....more

the graduate

Your mortar board sits waiting; Gown still creased, in folds. Those symbols of accomplishment, of transition Untouched. That walk I thought you’d be taking? ...more

This morning he called to announce your death, Dr. Angelou

This morning he called to announce your death But to me, Dr. A, you are quite alive still Your poems, they speak Of love, loss, and learning And – more important, perhaps – of forgiving and persevering Your words, like gentle whispers, reminding me “I am woman, phenomenally” Ain’t I? You said that life is a great teacher, the world a classroom And I, the forever student, am living Racking up degrees while creating my history Honorary titles and accolades may never be conveyed, but Dr. A., still I rise Allowing my untold story to reveal itself And you, you will live forever in the words – reverberating soul music – “life as art.” I’ll remember, “daring to dare,” that my mission, like yours is “not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ...more

Chaotic playground scene

By Rachelle Jones Smith The man came to the playground with a gun. He entered through a gate, Walked past the swings, And began shooting. He reached the jungle gym ....more