Clear and Present

Not too late for resolutions I trust. Last year I went for the concrete and came up bust so this year it's on to something less tangible.Two thousand and twelve is the year of living in the present. There. I've said it but it's not just me. The mantra of living in the present is being touted everywhere: books, articles, Eastern religion, NPR. Being in the present is the new black. It's hip. It's the cure to what ails us. Only thing is. Maybe it is.Maybe I do spend too much time hashing over stuff from the past....more

Why Go to Bed at All?

What will it be tonight? The cat jumping on my head and waking me up? The cat jumping on Ken's head and waking me up? The twins coming in, one at a time, to sleep in our bed and waking me up? The cat again. I wake up and put her in the hallway. C coming into my room and waking me up to say the cat's jumping on his feet? Me suggesting he carry the cat out of his room and close the door? The cat back in the bedroom because C left the door open but closed his own?...more

What's Wrong with Bert?

My husband is the kind of consumer that companies hate. He buys what's on sale - without any brand loyalty. The last several boxes of diapers he's brought home have featured characters from Sesame Street. I believe I have complained in the past about how it's practically impossible to find a diaper that doesn't feature some licensed character on it. I also believe I have suggested my excellent idea for no-name diapers which, instead of Dora the Explorer, have the words FRONT and BACK emblazoned on them....more

Trash Talking

For the record I'd like to say that I, for one, cannot wait until Falmouth adopts a pay as you go trash disposal system. I think we should all sit on the floor and spill out the refuse in our trash cans aka Colin Beavan (Mr. No Impact Man himself) and really look at it. ...more

Another Post About Reusable Bags

And here's another thing about plastic bags. At the Windfall Market (our town's independently owned grocery store) they deduct a nickel off your total for every reusable bag you bring in. Let's just say up front that a nickel is not much of an incentive to begin with but - I would argue that when I do remember to bring in my canvas bags I can fit four times as many groceries into them as I would be able to get in one plastic bag. So shouldn't I get 20¢ per bag instead of just 5¢? Shouldn't the policy be a nickel for every plastic bag I am saving the store by not using? ...more
touché! @Denisemore

We Don't Need No Stinkin (Reusable) Bags

Today's revelation -- you don't need to remember to bring your canvas bags to the supermarket. You can just walk in the entry and fish a plastic bag out of the plastic bag recycle bin! I did it today. Works great! Sure, the store bags aren't as flashy as my own reusables but it sure beats trying to carry everything to the car or stuffing it in your purse at self check - which is not only inconvenient but also looks kinda fishy.I plan to use the tactic on a regular basis - and hopefully embarrass my children with it....more
yup. same here. @Denisemore

Drift Away

Yes we lost some great folks in 2011. Steve Jobs, Andy Rooney, Clarence Clemons, Liz Taylor, my two amazing aunts, Lucille and Betty; and let's not forget Dobie Gray. What's that? You say you don't remember Dobie Gray? You mean the refrain, "give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock 'n roll" means nothing to you?...more

O Henry Got It Wrong

In college I once went to a Joan Jet concert that I didn't want to attend. My boyfriend didn't want to be there either. So why were we there? Gifted tickets? Sociology report on the science of crowds? Free snacks? No no and no although there might have been snacks, it's hard to remember - everything about college had snacks involved....more

Sleep on This (or Not)

By now we've all seen at least the cover of Adam Mansbach's book, "Go the F**K to Sleep." Sure, parenting and sleep loss go together like a glass of wine and a mountain of dirty laundry. Sleep deprived parents have been around since the days of the cave baby (imagine what a pain in the neck it was when those kids demanded one more glass of water)....more

Happiness is a Warm Gun

The centerfold of the latest issue of Brain Child magazine was a feature on letting your children play with toy guns. As is customary one mom wrote a "yes" piece, another a "no."Make no mistake, the "yes" mother was still apprehensive; she wasn't like, "I applied for my son's NRA membership in the hospital after I filled out his birth certificate." For the most part the Brain Child readership seems to be liberal and left leaning....more