No Baby Just A Bump

Last Sunday, at a party, I was chatting with a woman when abruptly she asked me if I was pregnant.I said no (because I'm not) and then, in my usual milquetoast way, went on to try and make the woman feel better about her intrusive blunder. ...more
Thanks Victoria.I've been brooding over this for two weeks. It's funny how you think you feel ...more

Why We Can't Save The Planet

According to the Boston Globe, a North Andover mom "wants to leave the earth a healthy place for her three children. But what good is a thriving planet ... if her kids are forced to live in a home lighted by bulbs that are energy efficient but ruin the look of the dining room chandelier...?"To spare her kids from poor lighting, the mom is hoarding incandescent bulbs in anticipation of their scheduled "fade out" as it were.Really? Are you kidding? F*ck the chandelier lady, you've got a planet to save!...more

The Meringue Debacle (A Tragedy in Two Acts)

Act I: (The Dining Room, St. Patrick's Day) We invited some of Ken's running friends over for dinner. One of the guys, a kid really, 24-year-old Evan, came bearing cloud cookies. The kids devoured them."They're so easy to make," he said.Act II: (The Kitchen, several days later) The twins are engrossed in their favorite mid-morning activity, playing in the bathroom sink and I, looking to distract them, say, "you guys wanna bake some cookies?"...more

socks, and shoes, and mittens, oh my

When will someone invent socks and shoes that stay on toddlers? Or mittens that can be put on without reducing both parent and three year old to tears?From last spring:I leave the house for preschool pick up with N & S, both have socks on their feet and no shoes.I arrive at preschool and S has socks on hands. I collect H.I arrive back at the end of our street to meet the elementary school bus and S has socks back on feet. N has socks on hands....more

Everything I wanted to know about life I learned from Charlie Brown

There are many other Peanuts specials besides "A Charlie Brown Christmas." There's "It's Arbor Day Charlie Brown," "You're In Love Charlie Brown," and "It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown," just to name a few. Most of these, with the possible exception of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," are nowhere near as good as the classic Christmas tale of the round-headed kid and the tiny Christmas tree....more

the long and the short of it

This month Brain, Child magazine printed my response to their Backtalk column. Which, although it's always great to see one's name in print, is not a big deal since they print everyone's response. ...more

Gifts for Teachers: Beyond the Apple

Tis the season. How do people feel about monetary collections put towards gift certificates for teachers? I got my e-mail from the classroom mom last week. My husband happened to see the message and claimed that the practice might be unethical - he works at a hospital and cannot accept large gifts from patients. I said I didn't see the difference between 20 small token gifts and one large gift. ...more

Taking a Bite Out of his Childhood

Finally! The tooth is out! Some assistant at the school couldn't take it anymore (I guess C spent 20 minutes in the bathroom today) and wadded up some paper towel and pulled it out for him. The tooth took so long to come out that it made me nostalgic. I would not have labeled myself as the type of mother who gets all mushy over my children losing their teeth but first he was the only kid in his first grade class that had not lost a tooth. And then he was the only kid in the second grade. And didn't he just get that tooth? Didn't he just get all those teeth?...more

Don't Believe Every Sampler That You Memorized When You Were 12

There is a poem that ends with the verse: cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow, for children grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow. So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep....more

Thank you all for the thoughtful comments on my post.
I like the way you think Barbara - my ...more

Kissing those Hershey Kisses Goodbye

The internet is rife with articles listing creative ways to rid oneself of excess Halloween candy. What a bizarre holiday Halloween is. We dress up our children and send them out to beg for food that we don't want them to have. Why not send them out to score stuff we need? I could use some chili powder. And I'm almost out of barley. Oh and Post-It Notes, I could definitely use some Post-It Notes. But alas no - it's candy and likely to remain candy for at least the foreseeable future....more