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I am the BlogHer Social Media Manager and a mostly stressed-out, insomniac mom of two kids. I have a 14 year old daughter, an 11 year old son with special-needs, a sports-fanatic husband, one awesome dog, and I have blogged since 2007 at Momo Fali where I desperately seek an audience who feels my pain

If you have a question about BlogHer you can email me at momo@blogher.com for help with any portion of the site, Publishing Network, events, or anything BlogHer related! I'm always happy to help.

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My Blogs

It…Um…Loves You Too, Kid

“Mom, can you tell me about the autism arc again?” “Sure, buddy. Autism is like a rainbow. There are people like you, with PDD-NOS, who are on one side of the rainbow and the more autistic behavior you have, the more you slide across the arc ....more

Burning Questions from the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop

After networking and learning at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop over the weekend, I came home, unpacked, put the business cards I collected into a pile, and started reading one of the three books I brought home. But, before I can really start processing everything, there are some questions lingering on the surface of my brain. I need to ask them before I can dive any deeper. 1 ....more

How Does Your Peanut Grow?

Roughly one month ago, I took my son for his 11-year check-up with his pediatrician. Yes, he’s almost 12. Don’t judge me ....more

Ouch. Conversations With a 15 Year Old.

One of the best things about having a 15 year old daughter is the way she keeps my ego in check. She’s very much like her autistic brother in the honesty department and between the two of them, I find myself mostly talking to the dog because at least she wags her tail in my direction. Here are some recent conversations with my daughter: “Mom, are you wearing eyeshadow?” “No, why?” “Because your eyelids are purple.” * “What’s for dinner?” “Pork and rice.”" “Oh ....more

We Need to Take a Deeper Look at Bullying by Teachers: How Do We Determine the Worth of a Child?

After writing this post on my blog yesterday, our family received a huge outpouring of support from the blogging community. So many people have reached out to say they have been there, or they're walking in our shoes and looking for answers. Collectively, I hope we find some. ...more
forgetfulmommy I am SO happy for you! That sounds exactly like what I thought we were going to ...more

Who Decides Our Children’s Worth?

This is long. It’s been a year in the writing, so please bear with me. Before my son started elementary school in 2007, I met with the principal of the school we hoped he would attend; a small, private, Catholic school where his older sister was a successful student and where we knew almost every family and child ....more

Shoebuy.com – Get 20% off with discount code: THINKSPRING

If you know me, you know there are a couple of things that make my mind feel healthy and relaxed; first of all, my workouts. Thrice weekly, I push, pull, lift, lunge, squat and otherwise force my body into uncomfortable positions to make my brain decompress. The second thing that puts my mind at ease, much to my husband’s chagrin, is shopping ....more

What’s Your Talent?

My son has a talent show at his school next month. While his performance is not my decision, I’ll probably be the one making the choice. First of all, because he can’t decide between, oh – pretty much anything - and secondly, because I’m controlling ....more

Getting Sent to the Hall: What it’s Like to Live with Chronic Bronchitis

I have had chronic bronchitis – according to my mother – pretty much all of my life. Of course, I don’t remember coughing so hard as a baby that my mom gave me whiskey to try to soothe me. Though, that probably explains my current love of a good dive bar ....more

The 2014 Oscars: Join us for #BlogHerTalks

On Sunday, March 2, at 7PM Eastern, join BlogHer, our social media team, members of our editorial staff, and some of our favorite community members as we dish on movies, fashion, and what are sure to be the much-improved hosting abilities of ...more
Already picking out some of my fave red carpet looks!  There's so many beautiful beaded and ...more