Child Photography Basics: Close & Personal

One of my personal goals for taking photos of my children is to capture their personality. I want to be able to look at my MomShots and see the joy and love of life that my children exude through every poor in their bodies. I want to look at those shots and be forced to smile because my children's vibrant delight and love has been captured by my camera. ...more

Capturing Traditions

This holiday season brings out so many much loved traditions. Most families have unique activities, foods, decorations and music that makes this season so special and individualized to our families. (Obviously, right?)I have been thinking about this a lot lately. This is the first Christmas in my entire married life - that's 11 years, folks- where we will be home for that day. I want to make it special for my family and to be honest, I'm a little bit intimidated. I am just not sure where to start. ...more

Challenge Yourself

There is a really great online community called  ...more