Monica Shaw

I'm a freelance writer and web consultant who recently left London to live in a converted barn in the Wiltshire countryside.  I used to be overweight, but managed to lose 40 pounds (about a third of my body weight) over the last several years through diet and exercise.  Now that the weight is off, I'm figuring out how to keep it that way, without sacrificing my health or sanity.  As I'm learning, fitness isn't just about the weight.  It's also about being strong, able and most importantly, happy.  


My Blogs

Grapefruit, Beet and Chilli Juice

This is a new juicy creation I just had to share. It’s all about the tart grapefruit and spicy hot jalapeno chilli (be brave, folks). The juice is almost creamy and the concentrated flavour saturates your mouth – it’s incredibly satisfying, a breakfast in itself ....more

Smarter Fitter Supperclub Recap and Recipes

Last night was my first ever Smarter Fitter Supperclub held here at my digs in the Cotswolds featuring a vegan, raw, gluten-free theme. There were 11 of us in total, and what fun it was having so many like-minded and adventurous people over to try some of my creations, share ideas, drink wine and have some great chat....more

Raw Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Last year while visiting Cornwall with my mother we had the fortune of staying at...more

Spring Equinox Revelations

Nettle Smoothies – a mouth tingling sensation! Last Thursday was Spring Equinox – yes, the days are finally getting longer! To celebrate, Emily joined me at the OC for a long weekend of Ostara-inspired adventures ....more

Smarter Fitter Supperclub – with camping!

I am hosting the first of hopefully many Smarter Fitter Supperclubs at my home in the Cotswolds countryside this 12 April – and everyone’s invited! Read on for details… The Basics Date: Saturday, 12 April Time: 7pm Cost: £40 for a cocktail and 3-courses (£100 for camping option, see below) Cuisine: Vegan, mostly gluten-free (more on this below) Drinks: BYOB Location: My cottage near Cirencester (details will be emailed to you after you book) Booking: Please book via PayPal below Make a booking: Supperclub £40.00 GBP Supperclub+Camping £100.00 GBP The Food The Smarter Fitter Supperclub will feature a 3-course vegan menu that features loads of seasonal produce and the kind of colourful, creative dishes that I’ve honed over my last 22 years of cooking and eating vegetarian, with the last several years being heavily focused developing all-natural vegan recipes that are satisfying and tasty for vegetarians and omnivores alike. This isn’t a health food supperclub, it’s a real food supperclub ....more

Minty Pea and Pepper Frittata

There was a long period in my life when I lived on omelets and frittatas. It was the mid-2000′s and I had just moved back to Austin and was cooking for myself most nights. It was around this time that I also decided that I needed to seriously change the way I ate ....more

Cooking with Cast Iron

I don’t often write product reviews but I recently acquired some cast iron cookware from ProCook that I’ve really enjoyed cooking with lately so thought I’d sing some cast iron praises in this blog post. One point of interest (perhaps): I don’t eat meat so my cast iron uses are possibly a bit different from the norm. Nevertheless, meat need not apply to cast iron cooking: the method rocks for all kinds of ingredients ....more

Making Marmalade

This week I’ve taken on a new preserving interest: marmalade! What brought this on was not the imminent end of Seville Orange season, but rather the discovery of a new fruit: the Bergamot orange! The Organic Farm Shop in Cirencester has been stocking Bergamots the last few weeks ....more

Raw Raspberry Cheesecake

Chicago has a few raw food restaurants dotting the city and suburbs and one of the most highly-rated and longest-standing is...more

Asian Inspiration

I’ve just had a super terrific reunion weekend with three of my great friends, Kavey, Pete and Marie. We’ve been anticipating this meet-up for months...more