Corinne McNab

I'm a 35 yr old married mother of four girls. All my kids are five years apart, save my twins, who are 5 mins. apart - totally not planned. Currently, I'm a SAHM who, despite all the hubbub and hullabaloo of my daily life, find myself bored. So I decided to start my blog to remind myself of all the weird and wonderful things my children do and, of course jot down my frustrations and thoughts of the moment. I'm just an ordinary girl with no particular talent, though I try. I stink at cooking, I rather have someone else clean my house, and spend entirely too long on the computer. I love to laugh and love hearing my kids laugh. I love Disney movies and cheesy comedies. I tell jokes that make people roll their eyes and groan - this is how I get my kicks. I can't help myself - it's just how I roll.:)