Marcie Cuff

I have lived as an organic lettuce farmer, a tropical rainforest field technician, an Alaskan tent-dwelling field biologist, and a Manhattan biology teacher.  After raising two daughters amidst clouds of plaster dust and a leaky roof, and a few years of babywearing, Lego-playing, Play-doh-making, puppet-showing, costume-making, fort-making, worm-digging, goop-making, tadpole-rearing, mudpie-making, tomato-growing, and forgetting myself and forgetting just about everything I knew while kid-less, I developed Mossy.  The blog is devoted to families who share a love of slowing down, simplifying, and finding connections, getting dirty, playing outside, community gardens, things with history, small houses, tag sales, compost bins, early risers, dirty fingernails, dirty feet, hiking, mudpies, field guides, good music, dress-up bins, and all things handmade.

Turn Egg Shells into Mini Herb 'Eggling' Gardens

Whoa, finally.  Spring has sprung. For short-summered gardeners like me, it is particularly important to get started early.  My gardening team and I start many tender annuals indoors.  We avoid purchasing seedling trays or pots and try to start most seeds in biodegradable handmade pots.  Cardboard tubes, newspapers, grapefruit halves are great options—we use eggshells....more

Absolutely love it. I have been using toilet tissue rolls to start my seeds in but they always ...more

Felted Wool Finger Puppets

For this project, you will need bowl of hot, slightly soapy water, a bowl of cold soapless water, carded wool, scraps of 100% wool felt, a needle and thread, warm water and warm hands.  As posted previously, carded wool (or “wool roving”) can be purchased at local farms, craft stores o...more