Mom of many, just not all at the same time. Been fostering since 2007. Been infertile for decades. Take in kids from ages birth to 18 or whenever they grow up. Permanently parenting a 7yr old biological daughter, a 3yr old son adopted from foster care, a 1yr old daughter adopted privately. Life has been and continues to be a rather bumpy ride, but I feel that parenting children is my calling though saying it that way makes me vomit a little in my agnostic feminist mouth. I'm a fan of in-home services and reunification; I didn't personally steal your baby, and make something like .58 cents per hour so I'm not getting rich. Send all hatemail somewhere else, but send all free stuff here: Mothering4Money {AT} hotmail [DoT] com

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Public School in the Bible Belt

Last week I met with one of my daughter's former teachers about Melissa (I will tell that story in the next post). When I told her about my divorce & health issues, she asked if I had a church family. I said I was agnostic. This is the letter she sent via my 9 year old today: One thing to note first, Melissa's "situation" is alleged sexual abuse of her teen sister (resulting in a baby) and possibly of her ...more


Today marks one year since the divorce was finalized. Our divorce. Darwin and I / Me and Darwin. Whatever. It was supposed to be amicable. Or at least that's what I thought. Guess I was naive. ...more

"Mom u

"Mom, u need to fix u hair!" - 3yo"Girl, you're licking the bottom of your shoe. Don't think it matters how my hair looks at this point." — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) May 1, 2013 ...more

Earth Day

"Help the Earth" ...more

Picked up

Picked up my son from preschool today without the other kids. It took him almost an hour to realize the other 3 kids weren't with us. — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) April 10, 2013 ...more

My 9yo's

My 9yo's owl drawn on an old book page — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) March 28, 2013 ...more

Bought hardback

Bought hardback Harry Potter years 5, 6, and 7 for only $3.00 each today. Score! — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) March 21, 2013 ...more

3yo "Mommy

3yo "Mommy is coco!" LOLShe meant loco, but her way was funnier. — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) March 15, 2013 ...more

Son singing

Son singing Jingle Bells. In March. Because, of course. — Mothering4Money (@Mothering4Money) March 8, 2013 ...more

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