Melanie Jean Juneau

 My husband and I have raised nine children on a hobby farm and discovered fufillment and purpose. Slowly I began to realize that my calling, my vocation and my witness to the world was the joy of mothering

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A writing prompt asked about our dreams and nightmares....more


Usually I have the good sense to ignore self-righteous bad mouthing in comments but I slipped during the last couple of weeks.  Actually  I made some darn good points and clarified my believes during the exchanges , not that anyone was convinced.  In that sense, it was a complete  exercise in futility....more

Time for a Catholic Giggle

On Pinterset, I help pin on Catholic Fun for CatholicMom and on Catholic Memes for Catholic Feast. Here are a few jokes to make you smile and maybe even laugh a good belly laugh....more

Polka-Dots Tops with Checked Pants?

Until I grew stronger in my convictions, I was often embarrassed by polka-dotted tops and checked pants as my kids ran for the school bus . To soothe my ego, I really was tempted to phone the kindergarten teacher , declaring that my children’s independence was more important to me than dressing a fashion plate. Basically I wanted to yell, ” I did not pick out her clothes today!”...more

Birthed in a Crucible of Despair

A true story After a grueling nursing shift, Caroline sat alone, slumped, at the kitchen table. Head bowed down, resting on her arms with a glass of cold beer beside her. Just like the other night and the night before that..  Alone  A traumatic childhood, A husband dead after eight years of wedded torment, Caroline was Alone. Shattered....more

You Will Laugh Inspite of Yourself

  Age is of no importance unless you’re a cheese. – Billie Burke   Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. – Mark Twain ...more

Finding the Name of the REAL Artist

This stunning painting has garnered many inquiries on my blog.  I stumbled on it on Pinterest  where it was entitled ” What Jesus Did for Me” by  Yongkim Kim.  Many people, churches and websites asked how to contact the artist but I couldn’t discover anything  further. However a diligent reader, Amanda, discovered the artist's true identity, Yongsung Kim. To contact the artist directly, email ....more

Oops: Words from a Mum of Nine

Forget about being efficent or productive when you are interacting with tiny children; you will save yourself hours of agitated frustration on your part and angry resistance from your little ones.- melanie jean juneau Art by Mary Cassat...more

Mercy not Arrogant Intolerance

What would it have been like to look into the deep, piercing eyes of Jesus while they looked right into my soul with insight but also with profound love? No need to pretend. Jesus would have loved me just as I am  because he embraced the broken, marginalized, sick ones who realized that they were hungry and empty and needed the love and healing power of God....more

Growing the Faith, FREE One Parish App

Shane O’Flaherty has launched his own company called, Growing the Faith.   They created an app for Catholics and have been all over the country working with priests to bring this free app to Catholics....more