The Mouthy Housewives Explore The Latest Trend: Boudoir Photography!

You all know how much we here at The Mouthy Housewives appreciate a good trend. Whether it’s fashion, a new exercise, or an up-and-coming travel destination, we are all over that mess. Kristine, for example, is currently rocking an electric blue shoulder-padded blazer with geometric buttons and Marinka just booked a vacation to Kokomo. Try not to be jealous or Wendi, Kelcey and Karen won’t share their clove cigarettes with you ....more

You're a Good Friend But Please Stop Texting Me!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have a pretty good friend who keeps texting me throughout the day. Like "Hey, what's up?" and "What's going on?" And the answer is always "I'm cleaning" or "Picking up the kids." I find it really annoying to have to respond. I don't love texting, but I know she just wants to be friendly. Do I say anything to her or let it go? Signed,There is Absolutely Nothing Up with Me. Seriously, Nothing. ...more
Give it about 4-6 (at least) to reply. If she sends multiple texts, set her text tone to silent. ...more

My Boyfriend 1.0 is Getting Married. Why am I Upset?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I recently found out that my very first boyfriend is getting married again, and I cannot quit obsessing over it. We dated when I was very young – my senior year of high school and freshman year in college. I was sure at the time he was “the one” for me. As it turns out, he wasn’t, and we went our separate ways ....more

How Do I Make My Mother Happy?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I just graduated from high school and my mother and I are planning my graduation party. It’s supposed to be fun, but it’s only caused a lot of fighting and heartache. First it started with old school photos she wanted to display at the party. I just wanted the few photos that I like, but my mom wants to put ALL OF THEM–from kindergarten to now. Some of them are embarrassing pictures of me because I was ...more

My Bossy Sister-in-Law Is Getting On My Last Nerve

Dear Mouthy Housewives, ...more

Mouthing Off: Working Moms Deemed Root Cause for All of Society’s Ills

A very strange thing happened yesterday in American politics. And that strange, aberrant and unprecedented thing was that a Republican lawmaker blamed one of our country’s problems on…wait for it…women! Crazy, huh? That sort of thing hasn’t happened since, like, hmmmm, well, the day before yesterday, probably ....more

How Can I Get My Daughter to Care About High School?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have a 15-year-old daughter who doesn't care about high school. She has had an ongoing problem with late work since middle school. She just has no interest at all! Last year, we ended up grounding her for over half of the school year: from phone, computer and to her room with no music. This gets us some progress, as she'll perk up, get caught up, but then cycle right back to being 4 weeks behind! ...more
I've worked with grade 9s and honestly, a lot of them are like this at that age. I think it is a ...more

Does a Bad Teacher Deserve a Gift?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Do I have to give my kid’s teacher an end of the year gift if I hate her? Signed, She Doesn’t Even Deserve a Crappy Gift Certificate to the Dollar Store _________________________________ Dear She Doesn’t Even Deserve a Crappy Gift Certificate to the Dollar Store, ...more

When Intimacy Is More “Ouch” Than “Oooo”

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I was recently diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I found out after having a cyst rupture, requiring a trip to Urgent Care ....more

Help! My Mother-in-Law Wants To Control Us With Her Money

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My mother-in-law uses money to control her kids. Until recently, she didn't really bother us with it. Last week she deposited money into our account after we explicitly told her we didn't need it. To be clear, we aren't wealthy by any means, but we work hard, budget and certainly don't need that type of drama in our lives. Short of hitting the ATM and throwing a wad of cash in her face (I do actually care about this woman), what can I do about this? I feel totally disrespected but also a little ridiculous for complaining about getting cash. Am I completely crazy? ...more
No one can control you without your permission.more