Cameron Garriepy

Self-described shenaniganist and unabashed romantic, Cameron wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and her publishing goals have included a BA in Music, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.

Cameron writes from the Metro Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and two poorly behaved dogs. She blogs at and is a managing editor at

Swamped at the Library

We picked out three books. "Can I put them in my new backpack?" He's wearing a lime green LLBean book pack over his French blue polo shirt, and the hair on the crown of his head is sticking up like a crest on a tiny yuppie bird. "Not yet, honey. We have to check them out first. Can Mama look for a few books? "Okay."...more