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Witty, shameless Mom to 3 ladies, riding the hormone train hoping to come out the other side relatively unscathed. The screeching, it's boundless.

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Work it out, even while you work

Last summer when I started running, I did it for solitude. This winter I added a couple layers to my running practice, for much the same reason: I needed it. I don’t need to lose weight, truth be told if I lose more I’ll be worried ....more


The girl is pure pull-my-hair-out hilarity and I love her. Maëlle’s little brain is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Call ...more

On the missing link between Journalism and Respect

Bare with me here, this is about to take a sad turn. When my cousin died last summer, do you know how his family found out? By a picture of his crushed car posted on the internet ....more

Everything is better with a Soundtrack

Soundtracks are pretty transformative. One of the first things I do when I get to work & log in to my computer is open my Rdio app and find a song that makes me dance. Yeah, I said dance ....more

Goals. Stretchy, bendy, fast & far goals.

This winter has been brutal. Trust. Just a crushing season ....more

I Think I’m Better, but You Don’t Need to Know That

Hands up if you take your Mommy job seriously. High fives to all of you, impressive work! Now…keep em raised if you dare to admit you sometimes take your Mommy job too...more

Such a cliche: Frozen Singalong Date

Let’s start with a confession: I was secretly so very annoyed by all of you who were posting your seemingly insane levels of love and adoration for the songs in Disney’s Frozen. I was all “oh my gawd, it’s just a song for pete’s sake! what is the damn big deal here?” And then…welp, then I watched it ....more

How do sisters even work?

Through tears, she smashed her face against my side and wailed, “I’m not a good big sister!” Isabella is an emotional girl, it’s true. The girl feels all the feels. Always ....more

Why My Nails Can’t be Pretty Nails

So listen, I loooove to have me some pretty nails. I do. I work a fancy pants (heh) office job, I’m semi-Instagram famous for fashion choices (heh) and I like to look pretty ....more

Why Don’t You Write Anymore?

*I promise it won’t all be about grief up in here…but I just need to get these ones out Why don’t I write anymore? Umm…I don’t know? I’m actually really glad a lot of you wouldn’t know how hard it is to recover your blog mojo after a post about grief and your cousin dying ....more