Julia Goolia

First name: Julia. Last name: Goolia (for my internet existence, at least). I married Nate and then started this blog in 2007. Mom to Truman since 2010 ,Cecelia since 2012, and pregnant with baby 3, due 7.8.14. My kids are disgustingly cute and pretty much my world (mommy-blogger alert!) I'm also a part time Physical Therapist and a full time addict to black coffee, red wine, and running (when not pregnant). Also? I like to bombard you with an abundance of pictures. Hope you don't mind.

Moms Make it Work: Julia | Part-Time, Work-at-Home Mom

Today we have another Julia (!!) posting for the Moms Make it Work series. Julia originally found my blog through Andrea--I love hearing how readers found me, since it makes the blogging community feel nice and small;)...more


Wednesday, 7/9/14: 40 weeks...more

Due Date!

7.8.14: Still pregnant!(picture from yesterday, actually)If you would have told me even last week that I'd still be pregnant on my due date, I wouldn't have believed you. Sure---it's not a huge deal or anything, but the 'badge of honor' in being the most pregnant with my third baby...and also making it to my due date (and likely OVERDUE) is pretty crazy. And cool, I suppose ....more

Baby #3: 40 weeks

First time posting this a day early, but I have good reason since today was the loooooongest day in the history of my pregnancies. It seems like it could be Tuesday already and I think I aged at least a year today, so who cares if I round up one day with my weekly post? Might as well commemorate all of the word vomit while it's fresh on my (lost) mind--aren't you lucky??Also: Most pregnant I've ever been! ...more

Moms Make it Work: Kelley | Full-Time Working Mom, Stay-at-Home Dad

Today we have Kelley posting for the Moms Make it Work series, a blog reader who contacted me as a mom who works while her husband is at home with their son. Kelley's husband, Geronimo, also spends a lot of his time taking care of his mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and also cared for his father who passed away from cancer. Prior to this switch to dad staying at home with their son, both Kelley and her husband were working full time outside of the home, and they've also both worked from home ....more

Moms Make it Work: Mateya | Full Time Working, Solo Parenting, Military Mom

Today on the Moms Make it Work guest posting series, we have Mateya--a blog reader that contacted me, willing to share her story. Mateya fits a few of our 'must find' categories for the second phase of the series: she works full time (one day at home), has a husband who works long hours as a farmer and he's also in the Air National Guard, and Mateya travels for her own job as well. Another fun fact: Mateya and I were pregnant with Cecelia and her Hayden at the same time, with due dates a few days apart ....more

Maternity Leave (!!), etc.

Today I saw my patients, wrapped up paperwork, sent out 'see ya in September' emails, and set up my voicemail to direct people to the main office number. Don't call me because I WILL BE BUSY WITH MY BABY. Ahhhhhh, feels so good ....more

Baby #3: 39 weeks

7.1.14: He's going to be a July baby after all! I've never done a weekly post after 39 weeks and I'm really hoping not to break any records for the third time around. Dear Lord, help me, if this is not my last weekly belly shot/post ....more

Moms Make it Work: Dana | Full-Time Working Mom, Widow, Re-married and Expecting Again

Today we have Dana posting for the Moms Make it Work series, a fellow Milwaukee-area mama who found me through Erika. I was absolutely intrigued by Dana's story and immediately said 'YES' to her email, requesting to post for the series. Dana is a full time working mom to one little girl, who lost her first husband to brain cancer, later remarried, and is now expecting another baby in September ....more

Moms Make it Work: Liz | Full Time Working Mom to Four (Going on Five) Kids

Today on the Moms Make it Work series, we have Liz who is a full time working mom of four going on FIVE children. Wow, right? My real-life friend Kim suggested that Liz write for this series and I'm so glad she did ....more