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Lisa Jey Davis is an award-winning writer, blogger/vlogger, and a publicist for her marketing and public relations firm Jey Associates, based in Los Angeles, CA. Her book (due 2012), "Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood - Adventures & Mishaps of an Accidental Hot Mamma" (aka MILF This! Confessions of a Hot Mamma) won Best Unpublished Manuscript at NY Book Festival, 2007, and placed in Women's Issues at the Indie Excellence Book Awards. Her blog, Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood - Enjoying Every Moment offers readers a whimsical, flirtatious life point-of-view. Both Lisa and Ms. Cheevious can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 


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The book, Ms. Cheevious In Hollywood, is a fabulously funny, guilty pleasure for anyone interested to learn what really goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. It’s also a must-read for women who’ve recently experienced a traumatic life change — such as divorce — and want to rise up above it all, regain their confidence and courage and change their lives for the better. Come and laugh and enjoy the journey!

But wait - there's more....

The first time someone called Ms. Cheevious a MILF (or a Hot Mom) she didn’t know if she was flattered or insulted. After all, she was a 36-year-old mother of two sons, in the midst of a nasty divorce. Her ex had picked up and moved out of state, abandoning their family. She did know that she was curious — and soon discovered that everyone seemed to know about MILFs. Everyone, that is, except for Ms. Cheevious.

When she was crowned the honorary hot mom in her little circle, she’d just landed her dream job: as a brand new talent manager who worked with fashionistas, celebrities, and television producers at MTV, CBS, and the NFL (just to name a few). There she was, negotiating a divorce, while scurrying around back lots, sound stages, and TV studios to make sure that the best celebrities who were booked to appear arrived on time looking like super stars, and headed to their designated spot for the camera when needed. Little did she know, she was reclaiming her own glamour as a single mom, too.

Ms. Cheevious is a real person with a true story.

When published, readers will be treated to a glimpse of Ms. Cheevious' years spent as a newly divorced mother, who, despite the odds, achieved great things, and truly enjoyed every single moment! It depicts with hilarity the rather innocent mistakes made when she was launched back into the big, bad single jungle as an unassuming single-mother, in the City of Angels. It’s all about the beautiful, exciting life she was able to build – with the help of her loving, incredible sons – amid fantastic turmoil and heartbreak.

In the meantime, you can read her Blog, and watch her VLOGs on Youtube "IAmMsCheevious" is her channel (

Ms. Cheevious’ “sex in the city meets hot mommy” antics are uproariously funny, and at the same time filled with intelligent thought and gravity.

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