SKOYZ: Building Resilience one trick at a time

My library is located in a little suburb right outside of Philadelphia and we cater to a diverse group. In an effort to offer fun and educational programs sometimes we leap out of the box of traditional library programming offered. Recently we held a program for teens to try our Circus Toys offered by FLow Circus and that program was a sleeper hit ....more

About A Blog…Ay-chill-lees, knitting and Cake!

As I was browsing through the interwebs, I came across a few articles, sites and posts which fed my need to procrastinate. I thought I should share them with you but almost didn’t because I had trouble coming up with a name for sharing links. I COULD wait until Friday (Five for Friday) but it’s Sunday and I am way too impatient to wait another five days ....more

Reasons My Teen Cracks Me Up

This post was originally going to be an ode to my teen’s hot and cold mood swings but the words for THAT post just didn’t flow. I could go on and on about my teen driving me nuts but there are moments which make me realize that it’s not all bad and I ...more

Third Annual Philly Farm & Food #Fest

Want to learn how to pull mozzarella? Does canning seem interesting but way too intimidating? Ever ponder what a beekeeper actually does or wonder about the day in the life of a nationally acclaimed film director? ...more

On the Needles: The Diamond Dazzler

My WIP pile is beginning to get dangerously high and I am ready to either chuck it, frog it or stuff it into a bag until I forget about it. I keep starting and stopping projects because I have no discipline No clear crafting goals I just keep losing interest I mess up, get frustrated and then 3. Last week, my friend Robin gave me a bunch of needles and I found some yarn that had become lost under the couch and thought I would play around with increases and decreases ....more

Review: #SimplytheOne: @BarelyThr’s Newest Addition to Your Collection #ad

Every few weeks I am delighted when I see that my mail includes a package from Barely There. Since becoming a member of the Barely There Blog Squad I have been treated to undergarments which offer comfort and enhances my assets. Besides looking good, I feel more confident knowing that under my clothes I am treating myself to a softer, more feminine look ....more

I Let My Child Quit Girl Scouts

The Bee has decided that she no longer wants to do Girl Scouts. Part of me is perfectly fine with her decision; besides being able to sleep in on Saturdays I swear I have been suffering a type of PTSD from having my car broken into. Not having to deal with the selling of cookies makes me totally cool with her choice ....more

The Idea of Birth

In which I come to terms with the truth that I know “nothing ’bout birthin’ no babies!” ...more